South director had put a condition to give lead role to Mita Vashisht, disclosure on casting couch

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Bollywood actress Mita Vashisht has done a lot of work. Everyone is a fan of her acting. The way she appears strong on screen is commendable. She has been in this industry not just now but for many decades. She has worked not only in films but also in web series and TV. But once she had to face casting couch for a role. Mita Vashisht had no godfather in the industry. She is an outsider. But whatever she is today is on her own. The 56-year-old actress talked about her early days in the industry. She told how the director had asked her to stay with him in exchange for a role. After this she refused to do that role.

Mita Vashisht's revelation on casting couch

In a conversation with Bollywood Hungama, Mita Vashisht spoke openly about casting couch. She said, “There was a director from the South industry. He met me in Chennai and offered me the lead role in a film. I was very happy. However, that director had worked with actresses like Smita Patil. He put a condition while giving me the role.”

The director made a cheap demand from Mita Vashisht

Mita Vashisht further said, 'The director had put a condition that I stay with him for two months. Whereas he was an award winning director. When I heard his condition, I immediately said what nonsense is this. Keep your role with you and get out of here. I did not even think once that the lead role is slipping out of my hands.' The actress further said that at that time she did not know English well. So she thought that the director was asking her to stay in Chennai for two months to correct it. But later he himself said that it is not so, and said 'You have to stay with me.' On hearing this, the actress left the role.

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