Sonu Nigam was seen washing Asha Bhosle's feet with rose water, people said – there is a limit to drama

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Sonu Nigam, one of the best singers of Bollywood, has received a lot of love for his voice. At this time, a video of him has surfaced which is impressing everyone. In this video, Sonu is seen washing the feet of the legendary singer of the music world, Asha Bhosle. The way he bends down and touches her feet to his forehead, this glimpse is winning everyone's heart.

Let us tell you that the occasion was the launch of the biography of the country's famous singer Asha Bhosle, 'Swarswamini Asha'. Many big personalities were present at this book launch, many of whom were Bollywood celebrities as well. Sonu Nigam was also seen on stage with Asha Bhosle and we have often read or heard about the kind of respect he has given to this legendary singer. Such things are rarely seen in Bollywood.

Sonu Nigam was seen kissing and washing Asha Bhosle's feet

In this video that surfaced on social media, Sonu Nigam is seen sitting near Asha Bhosle's feet. Sonu is seen doing everything exactly as you would have often seen a pandit doing puja for God in temples. He first orders for a vessel and water with rose petals. First of all, Sonu kisses Asha Bhosle's feet and then is seen bowing his head at her feet. Along with this, the chanting of some mantras is also heard and Sonu washes her feet very peacefully. And then in the end Asha is seen blessing him. Not only this, in the end Sonu Nigam is seen sitting on his knees and keeping his head on the ground and bowing to her in the same way as we bow our heads in front of God in temples. This video has made people happy.

People said- they want to show off everywhere

On the occasion of this book launch, Sonu Nigam said, 'Devi Maa Pranam, I did not want to say anything, but when I have been asked, I would like to say that today there are many means of learning, but when there was nothing to learn, then there was Lata ji and Asha ji. These people have taught singing to the whole world.' While many people are praising him on this video, some people are also seen angry. Some people are seen saying – he wants to show off everywhere. At the same time, some have said – Mohan Bhagwat is also sitting there, wash his feet too. There are many people who are calling it nonsense. One said – there is a limit to drama.

Fans said- this is a tradition and it requires courage

Many people have praised Sonu and written that these are values. One user has said- it takes courage to do all this in today's time. People said- this is a heart touching thing. Many people have said- this is our culture.

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