Sonakshi Sinha returns to work after marriage, tells how her married life is going with Zaheer Iqbal

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When Sonakshi Sinha married Zaheer Iqbal on 23 June, protests started. There was a lot of protest in Patna as well and it was said that Sonakshi would not be allowed inside. Sonakshi or Zaheer Iqbal did not say anything directly on the criticism and kept silence. But Shatrughan Sinha definitely defended his daughter. But now Sonakshi Sinha has finally broken her silence and has also told about her life after marriage. Sonakshi Sinha had a civil marriage with actor Zaheer Iqbal at her home. Only family members and close friends of both attended this wedding. But this newly married couple had to face criticism and hatred from the people.

Azan was being recited with chanting in Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal's wedding, friend shared unseen video

'Life is better after marriage'

Sonakshi said, 'My life has never been so good before. The beauty of it is that even after marriage, I am feeling exactly the same as I did before marriage. I am happy that my life was very good before marriage and now I am in the same position again. I am very happy to be back to work.'

I closed the comment box after seeing all the negativity

Of course, Sonakshi was very happy to have found the love of her life, but some people started spreading hate and made disgusting comments on the couple. This led to Sonakshi and Zaheer Iqbal having to close the comment box on their wedding social media posts and pictures.

Threatened not to be allowed to enter Bihar

It is known that Bihar's Hindu Shiv Bhavani Sena activist Luv Kumar Singh alias Rudra had printed a poster in which he threatened that he would not allow Sonakshi to enter Bihar. He had described the marriage of Zaheer Iqbal and Sonakshi as 'love jihad'. Sonakshi and Zaheer were dating each other since 2017 and they worked together in the film 'Double XL'.

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