Sonakshi Sinha has vermilion in her hair part and alta in her hand… where are those people who were holding the scales of religion?

Ronit Kawale
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Sonakshi Sinha has vermilion in her hair part and alta in her hand… where are those people who were holding the scales of religion?

It is said that one should not mess with a pig lying in the mud. Because he is already dirty. It will not make any difference to him. But you will also become like him, after which there will be no difference between him and you. We are saying this because ever since the news of Sonakshi Sinha's marriage has come, some petty creatures have started behaving like animals. They have started saying that Sonakshi will be found in a fridge, cooker and suitcase after a few days. She will get divorced. She should do halal instead of worship. But the actress did not care about them. And she did something at the reception, after which everyone was left speechless. Actually, in the recent past, such cases have come to light regarding Hindu girls and Muslim boys, in which brutal murders have taken place. That is why such things were heard in the case of Sonakshi and Zaheer. Which is absolutely wrong. Whatever someone does, it is not necessary to speak on it every time. One must definitely give his opinion. How far is it right to say anything for the sake of speaking. People said that the name of the actress's house is 'Ramayana'. The brothers' names are Luv-Kush. The elder father's name is Ram, Bharat and Lakshman. But she is going to a Muslim house. The contractors of religion got angry, due to which they started talking nonsense.

Sonakshi Sinha shut everyone's mouth without saying anything

Sonakshi Sinha did not pay heed to the people and married the boy of her choice according to her wish. However, she did not accept Islam nor did she add Iqbal to her name. And why should she do that? This is not the way to express your love by marrying someone, that you become like him or suppress your desires because of what others will think. Sonakshi did not listen to anyone but her heart. Anyway, her father-in-law had already said that she will not accept Islam. She will not become a Muslim. Despite this, people had a different mind. They were not stopping cursing the actress. They started saying dirty things. After which the actress put a stop to this and closed the comment section.

Sonakshi Sinha arrived wearing sindoor

When the reception party was held on the evening of 23rd June, Sonakshi reached there dressed up like a newly wed bride. During this time, she had applied alta on her hand. She was wearing a red Banarasi saree and her maang was filled with red sindoor. Which is not used in the Muslim community. Here the actress told the people that she has definitely got married but has not left her religion. However, she respects all religions equally. And this is not the first time that an actress has married a Muslim man. This has happened many times before and will happen in the future too. But it is not necessary to answer everyone. Because elephants go to the market and thousands of dogs bark.

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