Sonakshi Sinha got engaged 2 years ago, that picture with the ring with Zaheer was not fake, she had said – it is a big day

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Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal are married. Now they have become husband and wife. On June 23, both of them got married in civil marriage in the presence of family members, but they were engaged two years ago. If you remember, Sonakshi shared three photos on May 9, 2022, holding someone's hand. She was showing the ring on her finger. She also said that this is a big day for her. Indeed, it was a special day for them, as both of them got engaged. Now the old photo of both of them is going viral on social media. Sonakshi Sinha shared a photo of herself on May 9, 2022. In this, a diamond ring can be clearly seen on her finger. Holding someone's hand, she wrote in the caption, 'This is a big day for me!!!! My biggest dream is coming true… and I can't wait to share it with you. Can't believe it was so easy!'

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Brother Kush was present at sister Sonakshi's wedding, performed all the rituals, now he said- I don't know who is spreading false rumours!

Sonakshi did not show her face then

After seeing this picture, there was a discussion that Sonakshi has got engaged, but the actress did not reveal who that person is. However, people guessed that it is Zaheer Khan, because at that time the news of his affair was also in the headlines.

I'm getting the exact same ring

The engagement ring that Sonakshi wore at that time is still on her finger. However, another ring has been added to it, which makes it look a little different from the previous one, but if you look at the diamond ring, it is exactly the same.

have been dating for 7 years

When an audio of Sonakshi and Zaheer went viral, it was revealed that both of them have been together for seven years. They have been in a relationship since they met for the first time at Salman Khan's party. They have also been living together for a year.

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