Smartphone Giants to Emphasize ‘AI Phones’ in 2024

Ronit Kawale
Ronit Kawale  - Senior Editor
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In 2024, smartphone giants like Samsung are set to focus on ‘AI phones,’ leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technology to rejuvenate device sales. As the industry faces challenges, analysts anticipate that these devices will boast advanced chips to power on-device AI applications, marking a departure from cloud-based processing.

At the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, major players, including Samsung, plan to showcase their AI features. Analysts believe that incorporating more advanced chips, like those from Qualcomm and MediaTek, will empower smartphones to handle sophisticated AI applications directly on the device.

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While the definition of an ‘AI phone’ may vary among manufacturers, consensus points to enhanced chips and on-device AI applications. These applications, running independently on the device rather than relying on cloud processing, are expected to improve security, unlock new applications, and enhance speed.

The introduction of large language models and generative AI is seen as a novel development. These models, trained on extensive datasets, enable features such as image or text generation in response to user prompts. Analysts emphasize that this goes beyond traditional virtual assistants, introducing generative capabilities that create poems, summarize meetings, and facilitate text-to-image creation.

The term ‘on-device AI’ is a crucial aspect of the AI smartphone trend. Unlike previous models where AI applications were partially processed in the cloud and then downloaded, advanced chips facilitate running more AI applications natively on the device. This shift is seen as a potential game-changer, enhancing security, unlocking new applications, and speeding up processing.

While AI has been integrated into devices for some time, the new era of on-device AI with large language models is still in its early stages. Smartphone manufacturers are expected to showcase various AI-powered features at MWC, demonstrating capabilities like enhanced camera apps and intelligent chatbots. However, some analysts caution that many of these features may still rely on cloud processing.

Despite the enthusiasm around AI in smartphones, there is a call for manufacturers to focus on delivering meaningful user experiences rather than just promoting AI capabilities. Consumers may need time to adopt these technologies, and the industry must avoid creating ‘AI fatigue’ by overhyping features. While 2024 is seen as a foundational year for on-device AI, the realization of transformative AI experiences may take time to materialize.

In conclusion, the anticipation around AI phones signals a significant shift in the smartphone industry. As manufacturers aim to distinguish themselves in a competitive market, the effective implementation of on-device AI features could shape the future of smartphone experiences.

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