Sikh for Justice again tightened its grip, Home Ministry extended the ban for 5 years

Ananya Shroff
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Sikh for Justice again tightened its grip, Home Ministry extended the ban for 5 years

New Delhi: Due to involvement in anti-national activities, the Union Home Ministry has extended the ban on Sikh for Justice for another five years. The ministry has also issued a notification in this regard. It has been said that this action has been taken against this organization because it has attacked the integrity and sovereignty of the country. This organization has become active in the direction of creating a separate Khalistani nation. This organization is continuously carrying out anti-national activities.

This ban was first imposed five years ago

Sikh for Justice was first banned in 2019. Then the Home Ministry issued a notification calling this organization a threat to the security of the country. The notification said that under the guise of referendum, this organization is continuously propagating the ideology of extremism and separatism. Many cases are also registered against SFJ in India. These are under investigation. The Home Ministry said that the government feels that if the illegal activities of SFJ are not immediately curbed and controlled, then its subversive activities are likely to increase. According to the ministry, these activities also include an attempt to create a Khalistan nation from the territory of India by destabilizing the government established by law.

Pannu had founded this organization

This is a radical organization, which is continuously active in making Punjab a Khalistani country. For this, this organization has been involved in many anti-national activities. This organization was founded in 2007 by Gurpatwant Singh Pannu. He is a lawyer by profession. Its headquarters is located in America. This organization has continuously conducted referendums in many countries towards creating a separate Khalistani country. Even before this, many types of allegations have been leveled against SFJ.

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