Siddharth Mallya's wedding pictures surfaced, the bride's look in the Christian wedding was worth seeing

Ananya Shroff
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Vijay Mallya's son Siddharth Mallya recently announced on social media that he is going to get married. Now he has shared the pictures of the weekend wedding with everyone. In this, a glimpse of the happiness of the newly married couple and their sweet wedding can be clearly seen.

bridal diamond ring

Siddharth had gifted his bride a very beautiful diamond ring. In the picture shared, the ring that was seen on Miss Jasmine's ring finger had a huge carat diamond in the middle and small diamonds were also studded on it. Its base was made of gold.

bride and groom wedding rings

Siddharth's ring was a contrast to this dazzling beautiful looking ring. He had a simple gold ring on his hand. There was no other inlay work of any kind on it.

This is how the bride and groom got ready

Siddharth and Jasmine got married according to Christian rituals and hugged each other. Their clothes were also according to this. First of all, talking about the bride's look, she chose a classic white color outfit, which looked amazing on her toned figure.

The bridal gown was kept straight cut with a little flare added at the bottom to make walking easier. The solid shiny fabric inside and the delicate sheer fabric on top looked even more beautiful with thread embroidery. The low-cut neckline gown had embroidery of elements like flowers as well as leaves and stems, which looked extremely beautiful. Jasmine's makeup was kept in natural tones, while her hair was also left in natural curls. On top of this, Mrs. Mallya wore a veil, which was given a beautiful look with lace and embroidery.

This is how the bride and groom got ready

Talking about the groom Siddharth, this fashion forward stud wore classic black trousers, which he paired with a white shirt and a black bow. On top of this, Siddharth wore a solid green velvet suit jacket. The expression on Mallya's son's face and his cute post clearly reflected his happiness.

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