Shruti Seth: The way I did scenes with Arjun Rampal in the film Politics, I started getting similar roles

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Shruti Seth: The way I did scenes with Arjun Rampal in the film Politics, I started getting similar roles

Sweet, simple and clean-image actress Shruti Seth, who has been a part of family shows like 'Shararat', 'Baalveer' and 'Comedy Circus' on the small screen, surprised everyone with her bold avatar in Prakash Jha's film 'Rajneeti' released in 2010. However, that role was not only very difficult for Shruti, but due to that she was typecast in bold roles.

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'Arjun and I were both nervous about that scene'

Shruti said, 'After Raajneeti I got typecast in similar roles. I started getting offered many similar roles that ma'am there are a lot of bold scenes in it. Whereas, I had many different reasons to do Raajneeti. First of all, I have been a fan of Prakash Jha's films, so it was my good fortune to work with him. Then, the role of a power-hungry political worker who is ready to do anything for a ticket was also quite challenging for me. I remember, before doing that (intimate) scene with Arjun Rampal, I was so nervous that I couldn't sleep the whole night, thinking how it would look, whether it would be shot properly or not, but later I came to know that Arjun was more nervous than me. He couldn't sleep for many nights. That scene was quite difficult for both of us, but Prakash Jha shot it in such a way that it looked as real as possible but didn't look bad and both of us actors could do it comfortably. But after that film, I got a lot of reactions like 'Oh God, what have you done?' And then for three years I kept getting roles with bold scenes. I had to tell people that I didn't do it for the bold scenes, I did it for the film. If a scene is important for the film, if it is being given a direction, then every actor will happily do it, but if it is forcibly added to please the audience, like adding a bikini or a kiss scene, then I will not do it.

Second innings started on OTT

Shruti, who is currently making headlines for her crime thriller series '36 Days', why does she work so selectively? On this, she said, 'I don't get work, that's why. I will do as much as I get. By the way, I think I am working a lot right now because of OTT. Like I had not explored the crime thriller genre like Forgotten Army, Bloody Brothers, Dil Dosti Dilemma, 36 Days, so I would call it my second innings. I think the shows I did on TV have overshadowed the rest of the things, because they have been watched more, have also run for a long time. For many years, in many seasons. Like Shararat ran for four years. Sweet Life of Karan and Kabir ran for three seasons. Comedy Circus ran for about 17 seasons, due to which it is not known what I am doing on OTT.'

In today's times, 'pranks' would hardly work

There is also a discussion about bringing back Shruti's hit sitcom 'Shararat'. Shruti says about this, 'People keep saying bring the second season of Shararat. On the other hand, we are not ready to die. Till we do the second season of Shararat, we will be alive (laughs) but to be honest, Shararat was very special for the audience of that time, now times have changed. I don't know whether today's audience will love it as much or not. People say that we will watch it, but I don't think people's thinking is like that now. Today's audience has so many mediums. There is so much content to watch. At that time there were only four channels, so that show was very popular at that time. Today, that kind of and even better films and shows have come in the fantasy genre, so I don't know whether it will be able to leave that kind of impact now or not.'

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