Should towels be washed every day? For how many days can it be used without washing?

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Should towels be washed every day?  For how many days can it be used without washing?


Using the towel continuously for several weeks can be harmful.
Not cleaning the towel properly can increase the risk of health deterioration.

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When Should Wash Bath Towels: Everyone uses towels daily. Towel is used even after bathing and washing hands. You must have noticed that after using the towel, it starts looking dirty and many people wash the towel daily. However, there are many people who keep using the towel continuously for several weeks without washing it. By doing this, bacteria, sweat and dead skin cells start accumulating on the towel. Using a towel without washing it for several days can cause bacteria to enter your body and make you sick. To avoid this, it is important to clean the towel.

of the New York Times Report According to this, it is not necessary to wash the towel every day after using it. To remove dead skin cells, bacteria, sweat and dirt present on the towel, it should be washed thoroughly once in every 3 days. If you want, you can use two towels a week. Although experts say that if you bathe once a day, then you can wash the towel after three days, but if you bathe 2 or more times daily, then you should wash the towel sooner. If you wash and use a towel daily, it can be considered good for health.

It is also important to keep in mind that if you have brought a brand new towel, then use it only after washing it once. While making a towel, conditioner is added to keep it soft, chemical for color and a small amount of formaldehyde is also added to reduce shrinkage. Therefore, bring a brand new towel and first wash it thoroughly and dry it, only then use it. The towel should always be washed in cold water. Towel should never be washed with fabric softener. Using softener may reduce the absorbent power of the towel.

According to experts, you can wash the towel in the washing machine using detergent and try to use either 2 towels in a week or wash one towel after 3 days. This will maintain the hygiene of your body and reduce the risk of spreading bacteria. Apart from this, if you are sick, then the towel should be washed thoroughly after that, so that the virus or bacteria of the disease gets cleaned and there is no risk of further diseases. One can remain healthy by keeping the towel clean.

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