Shoaib Malik's wife wants a child, if you are also in this category then know the advantages and disadvantages of being a single child

Ananya Shroff
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Is it okay to have only one child?

How many children a couple wants in their life is their personal choice. However, people believe that there should be one or two children. Otherwise, the child is left alone for the rest of his life and later on, he is left with no one after the parents. Although, there is no doubt that raising one child is easy, but everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. Parents should take any decision after thinking about all this carefully.

What are the benefits of having an only child?

-no competition: Parents who have only one child do not have any competition with their child. Parents of two or three children compare their children, which leads to brothers or sisters hating each other. This is not the case with single children.

-Gets full attention: Such parents are able to pay full attention to their child. This strengthens the relationship between parent and child.

-Children should become self-dependent: A child living alone gets the freedom to do whatever he wants. Apart from this, such children learn to do all the work themselves. They are called self-reliant.

Disadvantages of having a single child

Disadvantages of having a single child

-There are alone: Children who do not have any brother or sister start feeling lonely as they grow up. They have no one to play with them or share their thoughts. Such children are always looking for the company of others.

-Pressure is felt: An only child always faces pressure. Since he is the only child of his parents, they expect him to perform the best in school and other places.

-Can't make friends: A child who is raised by a single parent has a lot of difficulty making friends. Such children are not able to mingle with others quickly. They lack social skills.

-lack of motivation: People who live alone since childhood do not want to achieve much. Since they have always grown up alone, they lack motivation. Whereas living with other siblings allows the child to take inspiration from them.

Women are happier with one child

Women are happier with one child

According to research published in an article in Psychological Today, women are extremely happy with one child. They have less burden of responsibilities, so the chances of stress also decrease. Overall, if you want your happiness, you should stop after one child.

Tips for Parenting a Single Child

Tips for Parenting a Single Child

Parents of only children are tempted to pamper their child. This is normal as they want the best for their child. But it is the responsibility of the parents to teach them to be disciplined from childhood. Talk to your only child at dinner time. This helps in maturing their mindset. Let the child do what he wants to do. Encourage their learning and creativity while being alone. Invite the child's friends home. This will increase their social bonding.

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