Shaitaan Movie Review: A Rollercoaster of Thrills and Family Dynamics

Ronit Kawale
Ronit Kawale  - Senior Editor
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In the latest release, “Shaitaan,” Ajay Devgn takes on a dual role, portraying both the savior and the family man. The film, directed by Vikas Bahl, presents a unique blend of a mildly scary hostage thriller and family drama, bringing together the intense heroics of Ajay Devgn with the softer, familial side seen in his recent films like Drishyam.

Hostage Drama with a Supernatural Twist

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The storyline revolves around Kabir Rishi (Ajay Devgn), a compromised father fighting for the life and honor of his daughter, Janhvi (Janki Bodiwala). The film introduces R Madhavan as an uninvited guest with sinister intentions, adding a supernatural element to the typical hostage drama tropes.

While the chills and suspense in “Shaitaan” are more a product of the psychological thriller and hostage drama templates, the supernatural twist adds an extra layer to the narrative. The antagonist, portrayed by R Madhavan, employs unconventional methods like vashikaran, creating an unnerving atmosphere that plays on the fears of the characters.

A Blend of Genres and Familiar Tropes

The film draws from Ajay Devgn’s established character mold, showcasing his enduring appeal as an action hero and a protective father figure. However, the reliance on brutality, torture, and the vulnerability of young women in some scenes might be discomforting for certain audiences. Additionally, the film touches on dated elements, including the gaze on young women and subtle transphobia.

Performances and Predictable Climax

Jyotika delivers a restrained and convincing performance as Janhvi’s mother, while Ajay Devgn portrays the familiar role of a protective father with expertise. R Madhavan, in his role as the antagonist, brings depth to the character, combining humor with cold comfort within the grim plot.

Despite the film’s attempts to shock and thrill, the climax is somewhat predictable, and the stretched sacrifice sequence may test the patience of some viewers. The film’s self-awareness, tying the final sequence to the opening shot of a rotting rat in a forest, adds an unconventional touch to the narrative.

Conclusion and Viewer Recommendation

“Shaitaan” aims to capture the audience’s attention with its shock value, offering a raucous and mildly unsettling hostage drama with the added charisma of R Madhavan. If you’re a fan of intense family dynamics intertwined with a suspenseful storyline, “Shaitaan” might be worth a watch.

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Rating by Ronit Kawale 3 out of 5
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