Shahrukh was the hero of 'Nayak', not Anil Kapoor, he had signed the film for 1 rupee, told where the mistake happened

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Shahrukh was the hero of 'Nayak', not Anil Kapoor, he had signed the film for 1 rupee, told where the mistake happened

Do you know that initially the hero of the film 'Nayak' was not Anil Kapoor but Shahrukh Khan. Shahrukh had even signed this film and took only one rupee as fee. Then what happened that Shahrukh left this film and Anil Kapoor became 'Nayak'? Shahrukh himself revealed this in an interview. Rani Mukherjee and Amrish Puri were also in the film. 'Nayak' was released in the year 2001, which was a political thriller and it was directed by Shankar. It was a Hindi remake of his Tamil film Mudhalvan released in the year 1999. The story was about a TV presenter, who is challenged to become the Chief Minister for a day. In that one day, that TV presenter changes everything by becoming the Chief Minister. This film was a flop when it was released, but later it was praised a lot on TV and it became a cult movie.

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Shahrukh Khan had signed 'Nayak' for 1 crore

Shahrukh Khan had told in an interview to 'Rediff' that he had signed 'Nayak', but things did not work out. Shahrukh had also told that he was ready to give a lot of dates to the director at once and he had taken only one rupee as fee. Shahrukh had said, 'Did he (Shankar) also tell you that I signed for him and took a signing amount? Do you know how much? One rupee. I took one rupee from him and said that whenever he wants, I will give him dates in bulk.'

A scene from the film Nayak, Photo: IMDb

Because of this things went wrong and Shahrukh did not do 'Nayak'

Shahrukh further said, 'But I saw the original Tamil film and I liked it very much. But I was not comfortable doing the Hindi version. I told Shankar that the thing of Chief Minister for a day worked well in the Tamil version, but I did not think it was such a big issue in North India. I did not think the concept would work that way. So, we had some problems with that film (Nayak). Nothing big, just we did not think the same on some things, so there was no point in doing it.'

Shahrukh still has the signing amount, wants to work together

Shah Rukh further said, 'But I still have the signing amount. He still has my promised dates. He is someone I definitely want to work with. For me, he is like James Cameron. He makes big-scale entertaining films and such things can be very big.'

Shahrukh and Shankar were also going to work together in 'Robot'

Interestingly, Shah Rukh and Shankar were supposed to work together again for the film 'Enthiran' (Robot), but due to creative differences, they could not work in this film as well. Shankar had approached Shah Rukh last year for the script, but that film too did not work out. Shah Rukh will now be seen in the film 'The King', which he is shooting. His daughter Suhana Khan is also in it.

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