Shabana Azmi also supported Kangana Ranaut on the slapping incident, expressed concern over the actions of the security guard

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Kangana Ranaut is getting support from many people on the slapping incident. After Anupam Kher, now Shabana Azmi has also reacted. She has given her support to the newly elected BJP MP. Along with this, she has also expressed concern over this incident. The actress has tweeted. And in that she has also said that she has no love for Kangana Ranaut. Shabana Azmi's husband and well-known lyricist Javed Akhtar has a different problem with Kangana Ranaut. The defamation case between the two is pending in the court. On which hearings keep happening from time to time. Now the actress was slapped at Chandigarh airport, after which some people supported the actress and some supported the female constable.

Shabana Azmi wrote for Kangana Ranaut

Shabana Azmi tweeted. In this she wrote, 'I have no love for Kangana Ranaut. But I am not able to celebrate the slapping incident. I am not able to join the crowd of those who are happy with this incident. If the security personnel start taking the law into their own hands, then none of us can remain safe.'

Was Kangana Ranaut looking for sympathy?

No Bollywood celebrity reacted to this incident that happened with Kangana Ranaut. Whereas the new MP expressed anger. Without naming anyone, she said that everyone is keeping an eye on Rafa but no one said anything about this incident. Whereas this can happen to her or her children as well.

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