'Secret Superstar' actor Raj Arjun said- Audience wants to come out of the setup of TV and OTT

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'Secret Superstar' made Raj Arjun a 'star'. He has worked a lot in Hindi and South cinema. There have been many such occasions in the actor's life, when he played a negative character and also got the hatred of the audience. He considers this an achievement for himself. The actor considers biopic a test and considers rigorous preparation necessary for it. This time he is in the news for his another negative role film 'Razakar'. For this, he recently came to Lucknow. In this meeting, many things were discussed, from the conversation between father and daughter (Sara Arjun) about acting to the current situation of the industry, theater, work front.

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Biopic is a test for actors

When you become a part of a biopic or a story based on real life, your responsibility and hard work as an actor increases. In such a situation, if you do something wrong, people will question you. Just like a small child prepares for an exam, this is an actor's test. It is our responsibility not to spoil our graph and craft. You cannot show anything fake in real characters. From thinking to expressions, atmosphere, everything should match.

Content is now getting importance in the industry

The industry was a bit shaken during the time of Covid, now the train is coming back on track. With the advent of OTT, people started thinking that now the audience will stop going to the theater, but now again an amazing craze is being seen among the people. Now our audience wants to come out a bit from the setup of TV and web series. This phase is going well for cinema. Content is getting importance in the industry. Every one or two months a good film is being released and the audience is reaching the theater.

Next time I will show the audience a fight

It is a great achievement for any artist that people start hating him after seeing his negative character. Everyone has different opinions. Someone starts abusing you or someone says that you did very bad. I am very happy with all this that the penance I have been doing for so many years, people are believing it to be true. This is a kind of compliment for me. I consider my real beginning to be 'Secret Superstar'. After that I did a film of the same genre, Thalaivi. This film of mine, for which we have come to Lucknow, is also of the same beat. Next, I will be seen doing action in commercial cinema. I will be seen in a film of Farhan Akhtar. Apart from this, Telugu film Gum Gum Ganesha is also in the pipeline. I am doing an action film with Ram Gopal Varma.

I got scolded a lot for free during the theatre

Through theatre, you learn discipline, character building, craft, which is useful throughout life. I have done theatre in Bhopal. During that time, I was not paid. Habib Tanvir, Alok Chatterjee, Alak Nandan ji have scolded me a lot. Initially, I used to think that here one does not get paid and one gets scolded a lot. Then gradually I understood why that scolding was necessary. When I used to work with Sanjay Mehta, he used to send me to get tea. I used to bring kettle and glasses from the shop on my scooter. Then I used to serve tea to all the crew members. I did this for about a year. Later I understood that this was my test. When I passed this test, he sat with me and made me practice on the harmonium.

I bring chicken kurtas from Lucknow

Lucknow feels like my own. I came here some time ago for the shooting of my film Match Fixing. During that time I got a chance to spend a lot of time in old Lucknow. Scenes of this film have also been shot in Turkey and London. I have come here many times before for work. Whenever I get a chance to visit this city, I take chicken kurtas for my family. I am fond of food. I like non-veg, wherever I go, I definitely taste the famous dishes of that place.

My daughter was also as anxious about the characters as I was.

Actor Raj Arjun said that my daughter (Sara Arjun) and I talk a lot about films in the balcony of the house. We discuss theatre as well as world cinema. Sometimes we talk about acting for three-four hours. If there is only one person in this world with whom I have enjoyed talking about acting, it is Sara. Of course she is just 18 years old but her thinking ability has been high class since childhood. Just like I struggle to prepare for my character, she also struggles with her work.

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