Say 'no' to the uninvited guest standing at the door, the buffalo will die and the stick will not break

Ananya Shroff
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How do you feel when the doorbell rings and you open the door to find uninvited guests with a lot of bags? It seems everyone can understand this feeling. Many times it happens that when you are relaxing at home, guests arrive. Your plans are something else, but they change when they arrive. Some relatives are like the movie 'Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge'.

Such guests or any uninvited relatives are definitely troublesome. Dealing with them is no less than a big hassle. There are some people who neither think about you nor about your personal space. Therefore, it is very important to send these people back home in the right manner. So that they do not feel bad and your work is also done.

Make an excuse to go somewhere

Excuses are the easiest way to deal with any problem, it is also useful in driving away uninvited guests. So when guests come to disturb your peace, you should make an excuse to go somewhere. Tell them that you have made an appointment with someone else, so they cannot stay with you in the house for long.

office work excuse

Some guests are very stubborn and small excuses do not work for them. For such people, you will have to think of something else. Therefore, you can ask them to leave by making an excuse of office work. If they do not agree, then you can tell them about the online meeting. Tell them that there is a very important meeting and you need a peaceful environment for it.

Illness is the best excuse

Illness is the best excuse

A person can fall sick at any time, so feeling weak when guests come over is not a big deal. They will not understand that you are making excuses, to avoid any trouble you should tell them in advance that you have taken medicine and just want to rest. So that they do not insist on taking you to the hospital.

Solve your problem

Solve your problem

Some people do not like to lie at all, they also have trouble making excuses. In such a situation, you can clearly tell your problem to the guests. Why you do not want to meet them and what you want to do. If the relatives are understanding, then they will respect your feelings, this will not hurt them or you.

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