Saroj Khan was ready to 'kill' Sonali Bendre! The actress narrated the story of the song 'Humma Humma'

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Saroj Khan was ready to 'kill' Sonali Bendre! The actress narrated the story of the song 'Humma Humma'

Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre is often in the news due to her work. In her latest interview, she has narrated an anecdote related to choreographer Saroj Khan, who is no longer in this world. The actress told that when she made her debut in acting, she had not taken any training. In such a situation, she did not even know how to dance properly. Saroj Khan was very disappointed to see her dancing skills. She was even ready to attack her.

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In an interview with Mid Day, Sonali Bendre mentioned an incident during the shooting of 'English Babu Desi Mem' with Shah Rukh Khan. When choreographer Saroj Khan was so disappointed with her dance that she was 'ready to kill' her. The actress also told how she got the item song 'Humma Humma'. Which became a huge hit.

Saroj Khan was unhappy with Sonali Bendre's dance

Sonali Bendre told that she was neither a trained dancer nor a theater artist. She had no experience of anything. Despite this, she became a star overnight with a song. According to the actress, she got so upset during the shooting of this song that she lost sleep at night. She said that the film may not have done well but that song gave a good boost to her career. She shared an anecdote when she was learning dance steps for a Shah Rukh Khan film. The actress told that Saroj Khan was so upset with her dancing skills that she was ready to kill her.

Saroj Khan's assistant used to give bribe to Sonali

The actress revealed that Saroj Khan's assistant Ahmed Khan used to bribe her with ice cream and chocolates to motivate her to work hard. Sonali was once playing the role of a dancer and she did not know how to dance. She would just wonder how hard Saroj Khan must have worked to teach her. However, she used to try to learn dance in her free time.

Sonali Bendre was disappointed

Sonali said that Ahmed Khan used to pick her up from her home and make her practice in the rehearsal hall. She said that she used to feel hopeless and say that she can't do it anymore, to which Ahmed used to give her chocolates and ice cream as an incentive, just like one bribes a small child.

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