Sanya Malhotra said- why are household chores only the responsibility of women? Men should also help

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Sanya Malhotra said- why are household chores only the responsibility of women? Men should also help

Be it Babita Kumari in 'Dangal' or Dr. Iram in 'Jawan', Sandhya in 'Pagglait' or Richa in the upcoming film 'Mrs', Sanya Malhotra has always represented a strong woman on screen. Sanya, who recently won the Best Actress award for 'Mrs' at the New York Indian Film Festival, says that she tries to be a part of films that inspire people. In a conversation with 'Presswire 18 Times', Sanya Malhotra also talked about the life of a common housewife and how women are expected to do all the household chores. Sanya's character in the film 'Mrs' is also something like this. Read this exclusive conversation:

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It is a matter of pride for the whole country that you received the Best Actress award at the New York Indian Film Festival for the film Mrs. What does this award mean to you?

It feels good to get awards. It is a validation that you have done a good job, but I feel even better when the audience likes the film and the response at the festivals was great. Everyone who saw the film liked it, so I hope when the film releases in India, people will like it too.

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'Mrs' is a remake of the popular Malayalam film 'The Great Indian Kitchen', which very effectively depicts the monotonous routine of a typical housewife. How did it influence you while doing it?

I felt a sense of sympathy for such women. We often see women around us who are busy doing household chores all day but they do not get any appreciation. Their work is not considered work at all. It is such a useless job that after a time I started feeling suffocated in playing this role but I learn something or the other from every role of mine. It also made me realize that there is no one stronger than these women. We say that the work of a housewife is the toughest work and only strong people can do tough work.

Your character in Sam Bahadur did not seem as strong as you are usually seen in. What was the reason for doing so?

I would not say that the character was not strong. It was a real character, not a fictional one. Sillu Manekshaw is the wife of Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw ji, so it would be very wrong to say that she is not strong. She has been a very influential person. Playing her character was a huge opportunity for me. I don't think any actor would have refused if he got that role.

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Tell us something about your upcoming films 'Sunny Sanskari Ki Tulsi Kumari' and the untitled film directed by Anurag Kashyap?

All I can tell you right now is that both these films are very different. My character in both is something that I have never done before. I always do different kinds of roles, be it Jawan, Katthal or Sam Bahadur. No one has been able to put me in a box till now and I am trying to ensure that no one puts me in a box. These films are also something that I have not done in my filmography yet. So I am very excited about them.

Housewives are looked down upon in society, even though they work more than working people. Many times the issue of their salary determination also comes up. What is your opinion on this?

Of course, and no one even praises them. No one even says that you have been working since morning, whereas this is the most difficult work. I also find it strange that why are household chores done only by women? Cooking, doing household chores, these are life skills. Everyone should know this. Not just women or men, everyone. If you don't know how to cook, how long will you order food from outside and eat it? But our conditioning is that this is only women's work, which needs to be changed that every gender should know these household chores. Our film will somehow force people to think about this. I have always said that as an actor it is our responsibility to decide what kind of film we are doing, what kind of character we are playing and I try to be a part of such films that inspire people. There should be some change in their thinking, be it Jawaan, Dangal, Pagglait or Mrs. India.

Your film was appreciated a lot at the New York Indian Film Festival. This time after a long time, Indian films also made a mark in Cannes, otherwise only fashion and clothes are talked about there. What do you have to say on this?

I think fashion and glamour complement each other. These two are not separate worlds. Whether it is ramp walk or walking the red carpet in designer clothes, fashion is connected to Bollywood. But if I talk about myself, when I go to Cannes, I will definitely go for a film.

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