'Samantha should be sent to jail', the doctor called the actress illiterate and uneducated, this is what caused the controversy

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Actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu recently advised hydrogen peroxide nebulization to treat viral infection, due to which she has landed in trouble. A doctor called Samantha 'illiterate and uncivilized' and also advised to send her to jail. The name of this doctor is Cyriac AB Phillips, who is famous as 'The Liver Doctor'. The doctor got angry after seeing the method suggested by Samantha Ruth Prabhu to treat viral infection and warned the actress in a strict tone. The doctor said that Samantha should be sent to jail. Samantha has also responded to this. Let us tell you what the whole controversy is.

Samantha suggested hydrogen peroxide to treat viral infections

Actually, Samantha Ruth Prabhu recently posted a post in which she said that hydrogen peroxide and distilled water should be used instead of medicines in the nebulizer to treat viral infections. Samantha said that this mixture works like magic. She also appealed that the use of medicines should be avoided unless necessary.

Dr. Abby Phillips called Samantha 'uneducated and illiterate'

Seeing such advice from Samantha, Dr. Abby Phillips got angry and wrote a post targeting the actress. She wrote on her ex account that Samantha has no understanding of medicine and science. She is illiterate and uneducated. Dr. Abby Phillips also cited the warnings of the Allergy Foundation of America in the post and explained what dangers can occur by inhaling hydrogen peroxide. She also said that doing such acts or endangering health can lead to jail sentence and fine can also be imposed.

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Samantha replied, venting her anger on the doctor

Not only doctors, but people also criticized Samantha Ruth Prabhu and slammed her for the prescription of using hydrogen peroxide. Samantha Ruth Prabhu gave her reaction on this whole matter. Clarifying herself, she wrote in an Instagram post, 'I have taken different medicines for the last few months. I have used the medicine that I have advised myself. I believe that what I have advised can prove beneficial for others as well. 'I am not so stupid as to strongly advocate any treatment. My intention behind what I suggested was clear. I gave advice with good intentions because of what I have suffered and learned over the years. Especially because the treatment can be financially exhausting and many people are unable to afford it. After all, we all depend on educated doctors for guidance. This treatment was suggested to me by a highly qualified doctor, who is an MD, who has served in DRDO for 25 years. This gentleman has attacked me with his words. I know he knows more than me, but he should have kept his language simple and direct.

The doctor said- Samantha is playing the victim card

But after this post, Dr. AB Phillips posted another post, in which Samantha Ruth Prabhu was accused of playing the 'victim card'. While many users and people also targeted the actress, stars like Varun Dhawan and Kiara Advani supported Samantha.

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