Sam Pitroda was again made the President of Indian Overseas Congress, he had to resign after the controversial statement

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Sam Pitroda has been reappointed as the President of the Indian Overseas Congress. On Wednesday evening, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge approved Pitroda's appointment with immediate effect. This information was given by Congress General Secretary KC Venugopal. He issued a letter stating that the Congress President has reappointed Sam Pitroda as the President of the Indian Overseas Congress with immediate effect.

Sam Pitroda resigned after controversial statement

Recently, Sam Pitroda resigned from the post of President of Indian Overseas Congress after his controversial statements. Pitroda often remains in the headlines for his statements. During the Lok Sabha elections, he had created problems for the Congress party on many occasions with his statements. Recently, Sam Pitroda had said on the diversity of India that people living in the east of India look like Chinese, while people living in the south look like Africans and people of western India look like residents of Arabs. Along with this, he also said that North Indians are fair, perhaps they look like whites.

Prime Minister Modi had targeted him in an election rally

On Sam Pitroda's statement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing a Lok Sabha election rally in Warangal, Telangana, said that the philosopher and guide uncle of Rajkumar has revealed a big secret. He said that all those who have black skin are from Africa, that is, he has insulted many people of the country on the basis of their skin color.

The Congress party has distanced itself from this statement

Sam Pitroda had also given a statement on inheritance tax. There was already a controversy on this issue in the election season. After Sam Pitroda's statement, Congress had to face attacks from all sides. Congress also distanced itself from Sam Pitroda. The party said that it is not that Pitroda's views always reflect the position of the Indian National Congress. Many times his views are not the views of the Congress party.

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