Salman Khan reached to meet Sangeeta Bijlani by cycling, news spread like fire

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Salman Khan reached to meet Sangeeta Bijlani by cycling, news spread like fire

Salman Khan may not have married till date. There may not be any girl in his life today. But there was a time when he was in a serious relationship. He was about to marry that actress. Even the wedding cards were printed. Wedding bells were about to ring. Wedding preparations were going on. But nothing could happen. Because everything was ruined before all this. The relationship was broken because of a third person. The one he was about to marry was none other than Sangeeta Bijlani. Who is currently a good friend of the actor. Salman Khan and Sangeeta Bijlani are often seen together on special occasions. Both of them behave well with each other. Once on the occasion of the actor's birthday, the actress had reached the party. When the actor dropped her outside. Before making her sit in the car, he hugged her. Kissed her forehead. And this video went viral very fast. However, this was nothing new because when the actor was in love, he used to go to meet her on a bicycle.

Salman Khan went to meet him on a bicycle

It is said that when the shooting of 'Gunahon Ka Devta' was going on in Mehboob Studio, Salman Khan came to meet Sangeeta wearing shorts and riding a bicycle. And during that time the news spread like wildfire that the actor rides a bicycle and roams around wearing shorts. Both of them dated each other for a long time. But later they broke up. Different reasons are given behind this.

sangeeta bijal
sangeeta bijal

Sangeeta Bijlani and Salman Khan breakup

Salman Khan still calls Sangeeta Bijlani his first and true love. He loved her very much. But reports claim that when he used to go to Mumbai's Sea Rock Hotel for gym and swimming, he met Somi Ali there. And both of them became very close to each other. If reports are to be believed, Sangeeta once saw Salman with another girl in the hotel, after which they broke up.

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