Salim Khan reveals the secret, tells why he sent Salman and Arbaaz to boarding school during his relationship with Helen

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In his talk show 'The Invincibles', Arbaaz Khan talked to his father Salim Khan about why he and Salman Khan had to be sent to boarding school during his relationship with Helen. During this, Arbaaz talked to his father about many things related to his personal life and film career. Salim Khan also told in this conversation that someone had already told him by reading his horoscope that he would have two marriages. Salim Khan told how he maintained a balance between his children and Salma Khan and Helen Khan.

Arbaaz asked his father Salim Khan why he decided to send him and Salman to a boarding school during his relationship with Helen? To this, the famous scriptwriter Salim Khan replied, 'This was the only way so that your studies would not be affected. It was natural that you would get disturbed by these things so that your studies could continue and it affected your studies and I brought you back in 1-2 years.'

Arbaaz asked- question about father's relationship with Helen

Arbaaz further asked him how he tried to handle this situation. He said- We were kids at that time but we knew that Papa neither wanted to leave his mother nor his child, then why did you not leave this family and go to live with someone else? How did you keep all this together? You kept the whole family together even in such a difficult time.

Salim said- your mother agreed

On this, Salim Khan said, 'The big thing in this was that my intentions were clear. My intentions were clear regarding the children and it was clear to the family and everyone else that he is trapped in this, he is stuck, he cannot leave this family and will remain in it. Then your mother agreed and after that the visits started and then everyone started living well.'

'I didn't want to leave this family and be with Helen'

Arbaaz said- People wonder how this was achieved, but you and I know how much time it took to reach here. Salim Khan said, 'Many people have tried in films and may have tried outside films as well. But no one could do this. Be it my children or other family members, everyone understood me. Everyone knew that I did not want to leave this family and live with Helen but ultimately Salma was the first person who accepted her after which everyone started living happily.'

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