Sadhguru said, 'Parents should do this for their children for just a few minutes, their whole life will improve'

Ananya Shroff
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It is good for children

NCBI A research published in 2013 states that the amount of time parents spend with their child has an impact on the child's overall health. If you want your child to be mentally and emotionally healthy, you must spend enough time with him during the day.

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Good mental health

Spending time with family reduces stress and anxiety not only for children but also for parents. This benefits the child's overall mental development. When you talk to your loved ones, you express your thoughts and feelings, which relieves stress and feelings of loneliness.

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Increases self-confidence

Increases self-confidence

Children whose parents participate in activities together feel that their parents appreciate them. This brings positivity in the child and increases his self-esteem and confidence. You should also start spending time with your child from today itself.

are good at studies

are good at studies

Children who spend more time with their parents, do homework together or do activities like reading books together, understand the importance of studies and perform better in academics. In this way, parents can also help their child in studies.

communication skills

communication skills

When you spend time with your children, you make your child feel that he can talk to you openly. This promotes open communication. With its help, the child is able to speak openly to you and this also strengthens the bond between the two of you. Spend time with your child and talk to him openly.

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