Ruckus in Hathras: Such a big incident, lakhs of people, does the police administration have no responsibility?

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Tuesday was an inauspicious day for hundreds of people in Sikandrarao, Hathras, Uttar Pradesh. Actually, Bhole Baba's satsang was going on in Phulerai village of Sikandrarao town in which lakhs of people had come. The people who came to listen to the satsang in the scorching heat did not even think that this would be the last satsang for some of them. 121 people died in this accident in Hathras, UP, while dozens of people are fighting between life and death, but the baba who gave the satsang is still absconding. The police is still searching for Bhole Baba but no clue of Baba is being found.

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More people than permitted came to the satsang

Many questions are being raised on the stampede at Bhole Baba's satsang in Hathras. According to Uttar Pradesh Chief Secretary Manoj Kumar Singh, permission was given for about 80,000 people to attend this satsang, but more than two lakh people attended the satsang that day. In such a situation, when permission was only for 80 thousand people, how did 2 lakh people reach this satsang? If they reached, then how did the police administration give permission to start the religious program without security arrangements? Did the administration check the arrangements at the satsang venue to see if it was suitable for two lakh people or not?

Entry-exit point not created

Two lakh people had reached this satsang of Bhole Baba but the organizers of the satsang did not have any facility for even 80 thousand people. The place where Baba's satsang was going on had no entry or exit point. People were coming from anywhere. If an entry and exit point had been made there, then perhaps this stampede could have been prevented. Along with this, there is an emergency exit everywhere but that was not there at this satsang venue. If that had been made, then perhaps people would not have lost their lives.

a dirt road just for traffic

This satsang of Bhole Baba was organized on at least 10 acres of land. Despite having such a large space, only one path was made for the movement of people, that too was unpaved. Whereas according to the guidelines, if there is a big event in which thousands of people participate, then many paths are made for movement. But, negligence was shown here too. The ground in which this satsang was being held had many pits which were not filled. According to many media reports, during the stampede, the feet of many people got stuck in these pits. Due to which those people fell and the people walking behind them moved forward crushing them.

Policemen were less deployed

Eyewitnesses of the incident say that there was no arrangement according to the crowd in the satsang. There were very few fans and coolers. Also, the number of policemen deployed by the administration was also less. There was no barricading on the way of Baba's arrival and departure.

The organizers fled

When the stampede occurred after the satsang, the organizers of the program disappeared from there. People did not get any help from them in times of trouble. Due to which this accident became so big.

This incident in Hathras happened due to the negligence of the organizers as well as the administration. If the administration had checked the security arrangements in time when the number of people in the satsang increased, then perhaps those 121 people would have been living happily with their families. Also, the organizers of this program should have thought once that the people who are coming to their satsang are devotees of Bhole Baba, that is, they are their own. In such a situation, if all the security arrangements like leveling the satsang venue, making several paths for coming and going and arranging medical facilities were made considering them as their own, then this incident would not have happened.

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