Rohit Sharma was defeating Starc in the fire of revenge, then Ritika Sajdeh sighed

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New Delhi. Hardly anyone would have thought that the fire of the defeat of November 19 would still be burning in Rohit Sharma's heart. Australia had snatched the World Cup trophy from India on November 19 last year. After this defeat, Rohit Sharma remained silent for many days. When he came out, he said that the pain of defeat is still in his heart. The Indian captain avenged this defeat in the T20 World Cup on Monday by scoring a half-century in 19 balls against Australia. This includes 29 runs scored in one over of Mitchell Starc.

Rohit Sharma started against Australia as if he has been in full form for a long time. And why not. After all, Australia was facing Rohit Sharma for the first time after the ODI World Cup 2023. No captain can easily forget the defeat in the World Cup final and especially not when he is called 'Hitman'. Rohit Sharma thrashed the Australian bowlers in a very important match of the T20 World Cup.

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Rohit Sharma started cautiously in the Super-8 match against Australia. He scored 5 runs off 4 balls in Mitchell Starc's first over. But when he faced Mitchell Starc again, he pounced on him like a hungry lion.

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