Rohit Sharma got angry at Rishabh Pant, smiled when the catch was missed, then Hitman taught him a lesson, watch VIDEO

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New Delhi. You must have rarely seen Rohit Sharma angry. The image of 'Hitman' is that of a happy-go-lucky captain who rarely scolds his players. But Rohit Sharma's furious form was seen against Australia in the T20 World Cup. The first victims of Rohit's anger were the Australian bowlers, against whom the Indian captain scored 92 runs in 41 balls. After this, Rohit's anger also erupted on Rishabh Pant, when this player dropped an easy catch.

India scored 205 runs for 5 wickets in the Super-8 match against Australia. This is India's highest score in T20 World Cup 2024. Perhaps the 'side effect' of this big score was that Rishabh Pant did not make the effort in the catch that is expected of him. Not only this, Pant was seen smiling after the catch was missed and the captain felt bad about this. Captain Rohit Sharma became red with anger after Rishabh Pant missed the catch. He left no stone unturned to vent his anger on the field itself. Rohit was seen muttering something while shaking his hands in anger.

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The catch that Rishabh Pant missed was of Australian captain Mitchell Marsh. When Mitchell Marsh could not even open his account, Jasprit Bumrah threw a bouncer. Mitchell Marsh tried to pull this bouncer. However, his shot was not in control at all. Mitchell Marsh was barely able to hit the ball. The ball hit his bat and went to short fine leg. There was no fielder there, but wicketkeeper Pant was easily able to reach the ball at the distance it was at.

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