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Actor Rohit Saraf, who has won the hearts of the young generation with his cute chocolatey look and lovely characters, is now coming to tie people in the love trap of Ishq Vishk. We had a special conversation with Rohit, who is in the news for his film 'Ishq Vishk Rebound', about this film, box office pressure, love, partnership etc.:

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Rohit, all the films you have done so far, be it Dear Zindagi, The Sky Is Pink or Vikram Vedha, have always had a big star with them. But this time you have a huge responsibility on your shoulders, are you feeling any pressure of it?
To be honest, I don't think so. For me, responsibility doesn't come by looking at the size of the screen. I feel equally responsible towards every work. If I wasn't responsible towards my character in Mismatched, it probably wouldn't have received the love it deserved. When I did Vikram Veda, I felt equally responsible. I don't understand box office or figures at all. They are not in my control either. I can't change what I do, so I don't want to take that pressure. My job is to go on the set, perform well, make my character such that people believe in it and promote it properly. I give my hundred percent in all these things. Also, I don't understand the math that if my film is made in 5 crores or 10 crores, how much does it have to earn to be a hit. All this is the producer's job. I leave it all to him.

After the web series 'Mismatched', you are now bringing a love story to the big screen. What does love mean to you? How similar or different is this character from you?
I believe in old-fashioned romance. I believe love should be such that when you go home you feel safe, comfortable and at ease. You can be exactly who you are in that relationship. That's love for me. I am single right now but I want that whenever I am in a relationship, it should be one in which I can feel safe. As far as my character Raghav in the film is concerned, he is very different from me. He is very confused in his life. He cannot say no to anyone. Whereas I say no with courage. I am not that confused in my life. I have clarity about things.

You yourself represent today's young generation, yet you believe in old-fashioned romance. Then what kind of new romance is being talked about in the film? How do you think today's love is different?
Our generation is actually of millennials, so we only understand old love. Whereas, in the film, we are talking about Gen Z. Love, relationships are quite different in this generation. First of all, their tags are different. Earlier, if you are in love, you know that it is love. Earlier there was a clarity whether it is love or not. Now this clarity is not there because maybe there are too many options, so there is more confusion in this generation. When you watch the film, you will feel that you have seen such people around you. When I read this story, I felt that I know these people.

What is the status of Tulsi Kumari of the third season of 'Mismatched' and your next film Sunny Sanskari?
The shooting of 'Mismatched' season 3 has been completed. It will release by the end of this year or next year. Sunny Sanskari's Tulsi Kumari is a very exciting film. The whole team is amazing. Director Shashank Khaitan and Varun Dhawan, Janhvi, Sanya Malhotra, all the actors are great, so I am very excited about it.

What is that one thing you absolutely cannot tolerate in a love relationship? And what qualities do you want in your partner?
I cannot tolerate dishonesty in love relationships. Respect is very important for me in a relationship. Apart from this, it is very important for me that my girlfriend or wife is very ambitious. This is a quality that I like very much. I get very excited by ambitious people who want to do something in life, want to achieve something, want to bring some change, so I would like my partner to have these qualities as well. I have three sisters in my house, my mother, sister-in-law and niece, so all the women around me have been strong, so it is very important for me that whoever my partner or wife is in the future, she should be very ambitious and self-reliant because I don't think I will be interested in her if she is not like that.

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