Richa Chadha signed a comedy film in the 9th month of pregnancy, said- I will not go on a long break

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Richa Chadha is going to become a mother soon and is currently enjoying the 9th month of her pregnancy. Meanwhile, she has signed her next film which is a comedy film. It is being said that work on this film is going to start in October.

According to the information received, the script of the comedy film is already ready, which has been written by Amitosh Nagpal. The film is set in North India. Regarding working during the maternity break, Richa said, 'I cannot speak on behalf of all women. Everyone's journey is different but I will not be on a long break. I will try to return to work as soon as possible. I have many projects pending.'

'I can handle both responsibilities well'

The actress said that she is inspired by her mother, who has played both roles skillfully. She said, 'I am confident that I can handle both responsibilities well. It depends on what kind of support system you have around you and how helpful your partner is. In these cases, I am lucky in both things.'

'I have seen women travelling to work by local train even in their 9th month'

She said, 'I have seen women in Mumbai fully dressed up and going to work in the local train even in their 9th month. I am very inspired by ordinary Indian women and do not want this to be seen as a medical condition. It is a natural part of life.'

Richa liked the script very much

A source close to the film's production said that Richa has liked the script a lot. Pre-production work is going to begin in August and the film will be shot in winter.

Richa had expressed her love in front of Ali Fazal

Let us tell you that Richa Chadha married Ali Fazal in the presence of family and friends in the year 2022. Both of them met on the sets of the film 'Fukrey' in the year 2012. During this time, both of them became friends, which deepened and turned into love. In an interview, Richa told that she was the first among the two to express her love and Ali replied 'yes' after 3 months. Both of them kept their relationship hidden for a long time. During the Maldives trip, Ali proposed Richa for marriage.

Marriage under the Special Marriage Act

Both of them got married under the Special Marriage Act during the Corona lockdown in 2020 and on 4 October 2022, the couple got married in Lucknow with great pomp according to the customs. In February this year, Richa and Ali shared the good news with their fans that they are going to become parents for the first time.

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