Results not looking like exit polls, big setback for BJP in trends, close contest between NDA and India

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Results not looking like exit polls, big setback for BJP in trends, close contest between NDA and India

New Delhi: As the counting of votes in the Lok Sabha elections is progressing, the initial trends show that the ruling NDA at the center is facing a major setback. With this, questions are being raised once again on the exit polls. Almost all the exit polls had claimed that the NDA would get an absolute majority. The exit polls that came immediately after the Lok Sabha elections claimed that the BJP-led alliance would get more than 340 seats at the center, although this does not seem to be happening in the initial trends. BJP seems to be facing a major setback in this election. Especially in UP, the All India Alliance seems to be ahead in the trends.

NDA is leading but not performing as per exit polls!

In the initial trends of counting of votes of Lok Sabha elections, 'Bharatiya National Development Inclusive Alliance' i.e. Bharat is maintaining a lead over BJP led NDA in Uttar Pradesh. According to the data given on the website of the Election Commission, in the trends received so far on 61 out of 80 seats of Uttar Pradesh, candidates of Samajwadi Party (SP), a constituent of 'Bharat', are leading on 27 seats. Apart from this, Congress, an ally of 'Bharat', is leading on six seats. BJP candidates are leading on 26 seats while its ally Rashtriya Lok Dal is leading on one seat. At the same time, Azad Samaj Party (Kanshi Ram) is leading on one seat.
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How many seats will NDA-India get in the trends?

In the initial trends of the counting of votes of the Lok Sabha elections being held on Tuesday, the BJP led NDA is leading in more than 200 parliamentary constituencies. The opposition alliance India is leading in 120 seats. If we look at the data of different news channels, according to the news of 'India Today', NDA is leading in 205 seats and India in 129 seats. According to ABP News, NDA is leading in 230 seats and the opposition alliance is leading in 120 seats. According to the data of NDTV, NDA is leading in 194 seats and India in 135 seats.

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Counting of votes is going on since 8 am

Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar said that counting of votes for Lok Sabha elections is going on in all states and union territories. According to the election rules, after the counting of votes started at 8 am, the counting of postal ballots started first and after half an hour the counting of votes recorded in electronic voting machines (EVMs) started.

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