Report highlights dire human rights situation in Pakistan's Sindh province

Ronit Kawale
Ronit Kawale - Senior Editor
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The 2023 Annual Report of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has revealed the dire human rights situation in Pakistan's Sindh province, where there has been a significant increase in street crimes, kidnappings and violations of civil and fundamental rights.

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The HRCP report said the harsh response of state authorities, as well as enforced disappearances and violence targeting vulnerable groups, had exacerbated the gravity of the situation. It also highlighted the urgent need for action.

According to the report, incidents of violation of civil and fundamental rights continued throughout the year.

The riots on May 9 – which broke out following the arrest of former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan – resulted in damage to public and private property and forceful state intervention that led to the arrest of over 25 Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leaders, including former Sindh governor Imran Ismail.

Cases of enforced disappearances of individuals, including political activists, nationalists, lawyers, and journalists, continued to rise, with at least 175 cases reported in various districts.

Additionally, a security operation near Sakrand resulted in extrajudicial killings and injuries.

Furthermore, the report said vulnerable groups in Sindh faced additional challenges as a large number of Afghan refugees and migrants were arrested and deported following the executive order of the federal caretaker government.

It also stressed that the response of civil society in Sindh was 'divided', with a significant faction supporting the deportation policy. Furthermore, violence against women and children continued, with 546 cases of child abuse reported in Sindh in 2023.

Although the minimum wage for unskilled workers was increased to PKR 32,000, its implementation remained inadequate in many workplaces.

The report said there were incidents of attacks on places of worship of religious minorities, particularly the Hindu and Ahmadiyya communities, and forced conversions, leading to protests by the affected communities against these violations.

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