Renukaswamy murder case: Police found fingerprints of Darshan and Pavitra Gowda on the clothes of the deceased

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Kannada actors Darshan and Pavitra Gowda are going to face more troubles in the Renukaswamy murder case. Karnataka Police has filed a charge sheet in this case, which has made shocking revelations. Police have said that they have more than 200 evidences related to this case. An officer has told that the belongings of the deceased Renukaswamy found by the police have fingerprints of Darshan and Pavitra Gowda. Obviously, this evidence is going to increase the trouble of Darshan and Pavitra in the court. Talking to 'Hindustan Times', this officer has said, 'We have got many big evidences from the place of murder, the security guard's room, where the body was kept, the vehicles used for commuting, where the body was thrown and the weapons used in the attack. The fingerprints present on the clothes of the accused have also been analyzed. The initial forensic report has confirmed that these fingerprints match the fingerprints of the accused in the case. The police will present these evidences in the court.

Darshan and Pavitra's phones are registered in someone else's name

Many more revelations were made in this conversation. On the condition of anonymity, the police officer said that the investigation also revealed that Darshan and Pavitra were using SIM cards that were registered in someone else's name. Out of these, Darshan's number was registered in the name of CP Hemant, while the number that Pavitra had was registered in the name of Manoj.

File photo of Pavitra Gowda outside the court

A fan used to send obscene messages to Pavitra, she killed him in anger!

Actor Darshan has been in custody since June 11 as the main accused in the Renukaswamy murder case. Renukaswamy's body was found in Bengaluru on June 8, 2024. He reportedly worked at Apollo Pharmacy in Chitradurga. It is alleged that Renukaswamy used to send obscene messages to actor Darshan's friend and Kannada actress Pavitra Gowda. It is alleged that angry Darshan first kidnapped Renukaswamy and then killed him.

Darshan's wife wrote a letter to the police commissioner

After the murder, Renukaswamy's body was thrown into a canal in Kamakshipalya, Bengaluru. It is being told that Darshan was present there at that time. Eight people have been made accused in this case. Kannada actor Darshan was arrested on June 11. Recently, Darshan's wife Vijayalakshmi wrote a letter to the Bengaluru Police Commissioner, in which she clarified that she is the only legally married wife of the actor and the main accused in the fan's murder case, Pavitra Gowda, is just a friend of hers.

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