Reels have made comedy on TV difficult! Comedians are unable to create madness

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It was only a few years ago when almost every TV channel tried to attract its viewers through comedy shows on weekends. But today it seems to be a thing of the past because comedy shows have disappeared from the small screen. According to experts, a big reason for this is those reels which make people laugh in a few minutes. Read this special report: Somewhere Kapil Sharma's show, somewhere Krishna Abhishek's show and somewhere Bharti Singh's show, there was a time when comedy shows used to dominate the small screen on weekends. Almost every TV channel was trying to make people laugh and tickle them through stand up comedy shows so that their weekend could be pleasant. On one channel, Kapil Sharma along with his gang used to joke with celebrities, somewhere Krishna-Sudesh used to roast them in Comedy Nights Bachao and Comedy Nights Live, on some channel Bharti Singh used to come down for comedy fight, on some channel Akshay Kumar used to give the Great Indian Laughter Challenge as a judge, but now all this seems to be a thing of the past. These days these comedy shows have almost disappeared from the small screen. According to experts, in today's age of social media, people are getting so entertained by just a few seconds of reels that they no longer need TV shows for comedy. This is the reason why comedy is disappearing from TV.

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Comedians are unable to create madness on TV

Comedy writers and comedians themselves believe that in today's era of quick-witted reels, it is a big challenge to make the audience laugh for an hour every week within the set standards of TV. This is the reason why most shows, except The Kapil Sharma Show, failed in terms of TRP. From Krishna's Comedy Nights Bachao to Akshay's The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, all had to face more controversies than praise. The same was the case with Sony TV's latest comedy show Paagalpan Machayenge India Ko Hasayenge. Despite an army of comedians like Ketan Singh, Snehil Dixit Mehra, Ankita Srivastava, Paritosh Tripathi, Kushal Badrike, Inder Sahni, this show did not succeed in making people laugh, on the contrary, it definitely got into controversies for hurting filmmaker Karan Johar.

In today's era, people on social media are creating comedy content four times better than TV writers. In such a situation, people's inclination towards comedy has also increased a lot. Therefore, it is not easy to do comedy on TV throughout the year.

– Harsh Limbachiyaa, comedy show writer-producer

It was difficult to make people laugh on TV in the reel era

Content creator Snehil Dixit Mehra, who is part of the Paagalav Machaayenge team, herself believes that in today's digital era, it is very difficult to make people laugh on TV. Snehil, famous as BC Aunty, says, 'In this digital era, people have become accustomed to watching quick reels. There too, it is written on the six-second reel that you must watch it till the end because people quickly scroll and move on. In such a situation, where people are getting so much entertainment everywhere, trying to make people laugh by doing comedy on TV is in itself very difficult. One challenge in doing comedy on TV is that here we have to follow many rules. Here, when the family watches the show together, your hands are tied. You have to bring content after thinking carefully. Whereas on social media, you are the master of your own will. Whatever content you want to create, create it, post it, whether it will work or not, you get to know in ten minutes whether the joke went viral or flopped, so that is easy.'

In today's digital age, people have become accustomed to watching quick reels. In such a situation, where you are getting so much variety of entertainment everywhere, it is quite difficult to try to make people laugh for an hour by doing comedy on TV.

– Snehil Dixit Mehra, comedian

Better comedy can be seen on social media

Writer Harsh Limbachiyaa, who has written many successful stand-up comedy shows for years, also accepts the change in comedy due to social media. According to Harsh, 'The comedy scene has changed a lot now. When we used to write Comedy Circus, people had not even heard of punches and punchlines. They did not even know what punches are. Whereas, now they are watching a lot of comedy on social media and to be honest, these reel creators are doing comedy much better than us. Therefore, comedy on TV has to be done very thoughtfully and with patience, which is not easy. Like Kapil Bhai (Kapil Sharma) also went to OTT. He also realized that I will not be able to do comedy for the whole year. You get finished in the whole year. Somewhere Bharti and I have also come to YouTube for this reason. There we create content of our choice, which is much better than working on the instructions of others.'

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