Ram Mandir issue did not work… How did BJP fall behind in UP?

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Before the announcement of the Lok Sabha elections and till the last phase of voting, there was a lot of discussion about the Ram temple. All the big leaders of BJP including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and UP CM Yogi Adityanath were talking about the Ram temple. BJP was hoping that the inauguration of the Ram temple will give it an edge not only in UP but also in many parts of the country. Just before the results of the Lok Sabha elections on Tuesday, there was talk of crossing 400, but on the day of the results i.e. Tuesday, there seems to be a close contest between NDA and BJP. Even though NDA is getting a majority in the trends, BJP seems to be far away from the majority alone. A big reason behind BJP being far away from the majority alone is its performance in the largest state UP. Here BJP had set a target of winning all the seats and it was hoping that this time it would be able to do so with the help of Ram temple. But as the counting of votes is progressing, it seems that this will not happen.

The absence of opposition leaders on the day of inauguration of Ram temple had become an issue
On January 22, the biggest issue on the day of Ram Mandir Prana Pratishtha was the opposition leaders not attending that program. When the big leaders of the opposition, including Congress and Samajwadi Party, distanced themselves from this program, BJP attacked them fiercely over this. During an election rally in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, Narendra Modi had fiercely targeted SP, Congress and Bharat Gathbandhan from the election stage. Modi had said in his address from the stage that if SP-Congress comes to power, they will get the Ram temple bulldozed. If SP-Congress comes to power, they will send Ramlala back to the tent and get the Ram temple bulldozed. At the same time, wherever UP CM Yogi Adityanath went to campaign not only in UP but also in other parts of the country, he said that the public will bring back those who bring Ram. At present, the results that are coming out do not seem to be that good for BJP.

It was emphasized that the Ram Mandir issue should not cool down
There is no doubt that on 22 January, on the day of Ram Mandir's Praan Pratishtha, a different atmosphere was seen in the country. There was an atmosphere of celebration not only in Ayodhya, UP but in the whole country. The day was also big because the dream of Ram Mandir was coming true. After the wave that was seen that day, BJP tried to create a big wave in the whole country including UP. After Ramlala's Praan Pratishtha, the series of visits of many VIPs along with the cabinet of BJP's state government to Ayodhya continued for two months. The whole exercise was that the issue of Ram Mandir should not cool down even for a day till the elections were held in the state. Prime Minister Narendra Modi camped in the state for many days. He also did a road show in Ayodhya but it does not seem to have any effect.

This issue was there for quite some time

The issue of Ram Mandir was there for BJP for a long time. When the BJP government was formed at the center under the leadership of Narendra Modi, this question started being asked even more rapidly that when will the temple be built. We will build the temple there, will not tell the date… Through this, BJP started being taunted. When the BJP government was formed under the leadership of Vajpayee, BJP could not fulfill this promise. Then it was said that there is no government with full majority. At the same time, when Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister with full majority in 2014, the hope increased that the dream would be fulfilled soon. Although there was a delay in this too, but finally the decision of the Supreme Court came. Construction work started during the Corona period and the grand Ram temple was ready in record time. The grand Ram temple was inaugurated on 22 January. Now when the results are coming today, it seems that the hope that BJP had that Hindu votes would unite in its favor through Ram temple, did not happen.

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