Rahul got angry at Modi for not reaching a consensus on the Speaker, Rajnath Singh also responded

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: What has never happened in the political history of the country is going to happen now. The ruling party and the opposition have decided the candidates for the post of Speaker. Both the candidates Om Birla and K Suresh have filed their nominations. The decision will be taken on 26 June i.e. tomorrow. Before that, Rahul Gandhi attacked Modi for not reaching a consensus on the post of Speaker. Rahul said that there is a difference between Modi's words and actions. Rajnath Singh has not called Mallikarjun Kharge back. PM Modi wants a constructive opposition but he is insulting our leader. After this, Rajnath Singh's response also came on this. He said that I have talked to Kharge sahab three times.Rahul targeted Modi over the post of Speaker
While talking to the media, Rahul Gandhi directly targeted PM Modi. Rahul said that Kharge ji had received a call from Rajnath Singh. Rajnath Singh told Kharge that you should support our speaker, all the opposition had said that they will support the speaker, but the opposition should get a deputy speaker. Rajnath Singh has not called Kharge yet. Modi ji was saying that the opposition wants a constructive opposition but he is insulting our leader. Rahul further said that BJP asked for our support, Modi ji says something and does something else, this is his strategy. The whole country knows that the PM's words have no meaning, he talks about cooperation.

Rajnath Singh's reply to Rahul Gandhi
Rajnath Singh also responded on the issue of Rahul Gandhi not calling. The Defense Minister said that Mallikarjun Kharge is a senior leader and I respect him. On the question of not calling back, Rajnath Singh said that I have spoken to Kharge ji on the phone three times from yesterday till today.

Chirag is confident that Om Birla will win
Union Minister Chirag Paswan said that this election is not of any party. The Speaker is elected for the House. I do not remember if any election was held for the post of Speaker after independence or not. The way the opposition has laid down the conditions that they want the post of Deputy Speaker is not right. Even if elections are held, Om Birla is sure to win.

The opposition is alert, the opposition is vigilant: Gaurav Gogoi

Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi said that the Prime Minister says one thing and does another, yesterday he talked about consensus and today he is not even ready to give the post of Deputy Chairman, so if the same arrogance remains, then our struggle to save democracy and the dignity of the House will continue. That is why we have kept Suresh on our side. This is a fight to tell the country that the opposition is aware, the opposition is vigilant.

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