Rahul Gandhi's meeting with loco pilots is controversial, Northern Railway called him an outsider, BJP attacked

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi : Rahul Gandhi reached Hathras in UP early Friday morning. He met the families of those who lost their lives in the stampede during the satsang and shared their grief. On the way, he also met the victim families in a village in Aligarh. Returning from Hathras, he reached New Delhi Railway Station in the afternoon and met the loco pilots there. But now his meeting has become controversial. Northern Railway says that the people whom the Congress leader met were not from their crew lobby, but it seems that they were outsiders. Rahul Gandhi was accompanied by 7-8 cameramen. The BJP has also attacked Rahul Gandhi by seizing this issue. It has alleged that the alleged loco pilots whom Rahul Gandhi met were not loco pilots but professional actors, whom he had brought himself. However, nothing has been said by the Congress or Rahul Gandhi on these allegations. Northern Railway Chief Public Relations Officer (CPRO) Deepak Kumar told news agency ANI that the crew members Rahul Gandhi discussed with were not from their lobby but could be outsiders. He said, 'Today at around 12:45 pm Rahul Gandhi came to New Delhi Railway Station. He saw our crew lobby. He had 7-8 cameramen with him. He saw our crew lobby and got to know how we book our crew lobby. After coming out of the crew lobby, he discussed with some people. There were about 7-8 crew there who were not from our lobby but it seems they came from outside.'

“The loco-pilot was not from our lobby. It seems he was brought from outside,” he stressed.

After Northern Railway described the alleged loco pilots who met Rahul Gandhi as outsiders, BJP has become aggressive. BJP IT cell chief Amit Malviya has attacked Congress by posting a video of the statement given by the railway officer to ANI. He wrote, 'Now Northern Railway's Chief Public Relations Officer Deepak Kumar told how a childish looking Rahul Gandhi entered the gate with a team of cameramen and a director and shot his conversation… but the people involved in the shoot were not from his lobby! They were hired people. So much desperation to become a YouTuber!'

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi arrived at the New Delhi Railway Station on Friday afternoon. The Congress said in a post on 'X', “Leader of Opposition Rahul Gandhi met loco pilots at New Delhi Railway Station. These loco pilots are the backbone of the railways, which is called the lifeline of the country. Making their lives simple and safe will be a strong step towards railway safety.” Rahul Gandhi's interaction with loco-pilots comes just weeks after the Kanchenjunga Express train accident in West Bengal in which at least 10 people lost their lives.

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