Rahul Gandhi on NEET: Slippers were thrown at his car… Rahul said- Narendra Modi's image got tarnished

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has made a big sarcasm on PM Modi. He has said that the concept of Narendra Modi started from Gujarat and he took the Gujarat model to the national level. What was the concept? Marketing of thousands of crores of rupees and fear. Fear of the agency, fear of the media, fear of the government. What has happened now is that now no one in the country is afraid of him. This means that in a way no one gives importance to him now. The chest which was 56 inches earlier has now become 30-32 inches. So now the entire structure, which was such a big balloon, has become so big. This will cause a lot of mental stress to Narendra Modi. Because his way of working is to scare and threaten people, now that fear is over. I don't know if you people saw it or not, in Varanasi someone hit him with a slipper. Now imagine that before the elections if someone wanted to hit him, he would have been scared, that fear is over. And there is also an internal problem, there is a problem in his party, there is a problem in his core organization. The concept of Modi was destroyed by the opposition. We have tarnished Modi's image.

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'The papers that stopped the Ukraine war can't stop leaking'
Rahul Gandhi said, NEET and UGC-NET papers have been leaked. It was being said that Narendra Modi has stopped the war in Ukraine. Narendra Modi had also stopped the war in Israel and Gaza. But for some reason Narendra Modi is unable to stop the papers being leaked in India or does not want to stop it. We have said that there should be an investigation in Bihar and action should be taken against those who leaked the paper. He said that Congress will raise the issue of NEET and UGC-NET paper leak in Parliament.

'There is uproar in the whole country'
Rahul Gandhi further said, there is a ruckus going on in the whole country regarding the medical examination NEET. After the news of the paper leak of the exam, all the political parties and student organizations are protesting at this time. On the other hand, NTA has canceled the recently held UGC NET exam. Amidst this entire uproar, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also held a press conference on Thursday regarding the NEET paper leak and attacked the central government. Rahul Gandhi has said that the government is playing with the future of the students. On the uproar over NEET and the cancellation of UGC-NET exam, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has said that PM Modi is not able to stop the paper leak. Rahul Gandhi said that paper leak should be stopped in India. Rahul Gandhi said that the culprits of the paper leak should be found out and strict action should be taken against them.

He said that during the 'Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra', thousands of students had complained about paper leak. Now NEET and UGC-NET papers have been leaked in the country. It is claimed that Narendra Modi stops war, but he is unable to stop paper leak or he does not want to stop paper leak. Vyapam scam happened in Madhya Pradesh, which Narendra Modi is spreading all over the country. The reason for paper leak is that BJP has captured the entire system. Till this capture does not end, papers will keep leaking. Paper leak is an anti-national activity, because it causes great harm to the youth. Therefore, those responsible for the paper leak should be caught and action should be taken against them.

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