Rae Bareli or Wayanad… which seat will Rahul Gandhi leave, know what the Congress leader said

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New Delhi : With the victory in Wayanad in Kerala and Rae Bareli Lok Sabha seat in Uttar Pradesh, discussion on one question has intensified. The question is which seat will Rahul Gandhi leave now. When asked about this, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that he has not yet decided which seat he will represent in the Lok Sabha. When asked which seat he will represent in the Lok Sabha, Gandhi said that I have won both the seats and I want to thank the voters of Rae Bareli and Wayanad from the bottom of my heart. Now I have to decide which seat I will represent. I will discuss (about this) and then decide. I cannot represent both the seats, but I have not decided yet.

Thanks to the people of both the areas

Rahul later shared a video message on social media platform 'X' and again thanked the people of Wayanad and Rae Bareli for their “overwhelming support”. “I am being asked if I will become an MP from Wayanad or Rae Bareli. I want to become an MP from both places. Congratulations to all of you,” the former Congress president said. Gandhi won the Wayanad seat by a margin of over 3.6 lakh votes and the Rae Bareli seat by a margin of over 3.9 lakh votes. He praised the people of the state for “showing political wisdom” after the 'Bharatiya Janata Party' alliance's good performance in Uttar Pradesh.

There was no enthusiasm in the voice, no glow on the face, what did PM Modi say after the results

Priyanka was also given credit for the victory

He said, “I mean the people of Uttar Pradesh have done wonders. Many states have done wonders, but Uttar Pradesh has protected the Constitution, understanding the politics of India, understanding the threat to the Constitution. I want to thank all the states, but I especially want to say to the people of Uttar Pradesh that you supported the Congress Party, the 'Bharat' alliance.” Gandhi also thanked his sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra for working hard in the state.

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