Radhika and Shloka also did the same thing following Neeta Ambani's footsteps, no one could take their eyes off their hands

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In every function of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant's wedding, we have seen one beautiful look after another of Nita Ambani, whether it is the pink lehenga of Mameru or the red saree of Ship Shakti Pooja. There was another thing along with Nita's clothes, which was very beautiful and that is Haath Phool.

In son Anant's haldi ceremony, Nita wore a very beautiful design haath phool with a golden colour suit. But what is this, following the example of their mother-in-law, Radhika and Shloka also did not lag behind and wore such beautiful jewellery in their hands that no one could take their eyes off. If you don't believe it, see for yourself what these daughters-in-law of the Ambani family wore. (Photo courtesy: Instagram: @manishmalhotra05)

Nita wore diamond hand flowers

For Anant's haldi, Nita Ambani wore a golden Hyderabadi suit and beautiful jewellery, one of which was a haath phool. The design of this diamond haath phool was like a lotus flower, but from the front it looked like a dancing doll. This haath phool tied with two chains on the wrist was further enhancing the beauty of Nita's hands. (Photo courtesy: Instagram: @manishmalhotra05)

The elder daughter-in-law took a step forward

Shloka Mehta went a step ahead of her mother-in-law Nita and wore her wedding diamond-kundan Haath Phool on all five fingers. Its design is very beautiful, in which each ring has diamond flowers which are connected to a big flower. Shloka wore these Haath Phools in Anant-Radhika's Haldi, which looked very beautiful. (Photo courtesy: Instagram: @dmjatia)

Nita's younger daughter-in-law was also not behind

Nita's younger daughter-in-law was also not behind

While Shloka came wearing diamond and kundan haath phool, the future younger daughter-in-law of the Ambani family was also not far behind. Radhika wore white floral jewellery along with diamond, emerald and ruby ​​in her mehndi. Also, the haath phool made of flowers was very beautiful, which also had long tassels. Which was enhancing the bride's haldi look even more. (Photo courtesy: Instagram: @rheakapoor)

Nita Ambani wore a diamond-kundan necklace

Shloka showed a new design of hand flower

Shloka showed a new design of hand flower

Radhika carried a hand flower made of real flowers, while Shloka also wore a diamond designer hand flower. Shloka's jewellery had a floral vine design, which was worn on the little finger. Due to the embossed design, this hand flower was giving a 3D look, which was perfectly matching with Shloka's outfit. (Photo courtesy: Instagram: @dmjatia)

Who wins between mother in law and daughter in law?

Who wins between mother in law and daughter in law?

Nita's diamond studded Haath Phool was a very classy design, while Shloka's Kundan and diamond decorated Haath Phool was no less spectacular. The design of both Shloka's accessories was very unique.

If we talk about Nita's future younger daughter-in-law Radhika, then this girl's handmade bouquet of white flowers was making Radhika's beautiful lips even more beautiful. (Photo courtesy: Instagram: @dmjatia, @manishmalhotra05, @rheakapoor)

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