Quick, sharp and clear…did the opposition once again make a mistake in reading Modi?

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: If there is no major difference between the exit poll results and the actual results on June 4, then the opposition will not have one or two questions. Questions whose answers the opposition will hardly be able to find in the next few months or years. This will be a difficult time for the opposition parties, especially the Congress. The exit poll results show that this will be a crushing defeat for the opposition. Congress and other parties had made many big promises in the elections but it seems that the public did not believe them. On the other hand, the public still has a lot of faith in Prime Minister Modi. Whatever guarantee he gave, there is faith in him. There will be an analysis after the victory of the BJP and the defeat of the opposition, but one thing is certain that the opposition has once again made a mistake in reading PM Modi. There was talk of Taktak, Fatafat in the elections and a few days before the end of the elections, Bihar was wiped out. Now it seems that it is going to have the opposite effect.Modi's guarantee… the public gave full support
On one side is the NDA alliance led by Prime Minister Modi Narendra Modi On the other hand, no one knows who is leading the opposition. From the NDA, there was only Modi's guarantee, while from the opposition, Congress, SP, RJD, Aam Aadmi Party, DMK had their own promises. Some were talking about giving money in Takatak account, some about ending CAA. Some were talking about PDA, some were talking about giving free electricity in the whole country. Many parties and many promises. These parties were saying that if they get majority, they will put pressure to fulfill their promises. That is, as many mouths, so many opinions. All the parties made promises according to their respective states and voters. On the other hand, there was only Modi's guarantee. Now according to the results of the exit poll, this guarantee is outweighing everyone.
Exit polls predict Modi government to be formed again in 2024, but how accurate were the figures in 2019? You will be shocked to read them
Taktak Fatafat alone will not suffice

It cannot be said that the opposition parties did not work hard or that the crowd did not gather in their rallies. Leaders of other parties including Tejashwi, Mamta Banerjee, Rahul Gandhi, Akhilesh Yadav held many rallies. Then what happened that the results do not seem to be going in their favor, let alone completely. There were questions in the minds of the people about the opposition from the very beginning and this question has always been there. After all, who is leading the opposition? These parties will have to understand that just saying that the decision will be taken after the results will not work. This statement itself often creates doubts in the minds of the people. Congress talked about giving special amount to women and many other promises were also made but the public did not believe them. On the other hand, Modi seems to be confident about his victory from the very beginning. There were many schemes like free ration, housing, water, whose direct benefit is being received by the public. This thing seems to be going in favor of Modi.

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The public is in no mood for ifs and buts
According to the results of 2014, 2019 and now the exit polls, Modi is going to make a hat-trick by winning in 2024. If the results do not change on June 4, the opposition can give whatever arguments it wants, but one thing is certain that the public had no doubts from the beginning of the elections. The public is not in the mood for any kind of ifs and buts from the very beginning. The opposition may have been making mistakes in understanding the public and Modi, but the public opinion was very clear. Returning to power with an absolute majority for the third time in a row is not an easy task. Modi seems to be doing this. Not only at the Center, the public is giving its opinion clearly in the elections of many states held recently. The party which is to be given power has to be put on the chair with full force. It cannot be said that one or two things have gone in favor of Modi. The opposition parties together formed an all-India alliance, but the public was not fully trusting it. Those who were coming together were also coming with conditions. In such a situation, the public is not liking the idea of ​​​​terms and conditions.

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