Pure politics: The era of challenges has begun for the Modi government

Ananya Shroff
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Narendra Nath: The general elections are over and the NDA led by Narendra Modi has taken charge of its third term. Usually, there is a silence in politics for a few months immediately after the general elections. But this time the situation is different. The kind of results that came on June 4 and the return of coalition politics in the country after a decade indicate that the story is yet to end in 2024. In the next few days, many upheavals and big activities can be seen from governance to politics. That is, in a few days, some such incidents are going to come to the fore, which can have a profound impact on the politics of the country.

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What is the first challenge for the Modi government?
The biggest challenge before the new government led by Narendra Modi is to show that its credibility has not diminished even after coming into the coalition. The first big proof of this will be seen immediately on July 23, when the first full-time budget of the third term will be presented. Before the budget is presented, ally Chandrababu Naidu is demanding a big financial package for Andhra Pradesh. If the central government gives him a package, the pressure from other states will also increase. Also, whether the government moves forward on the path of reform in the budget or shows the temptation of adopting a populist agenda will also determine the direction of the country.

Keep an eye on big decisions
Before the elections, Narendra Modi had repeatedly said that the third term would be of big decisions. In such a situation, the path to a big decision goes through the budget or the Parliament session. In the budget session, not only the budget but also the other bills that the central government will introduce will be in focus. Remember how, immediately after assuming the second term in 2019, the Modi government passed the Citizenship Amendment Act in addition to removing Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir in the first Parliament session. But is the government now ready for big decisions? Are the government and BJP still ready to take risks for this? This will also be seen in the next few days, especially in the budget session of Parliament. At the same time, in the first session of Parliament itself, the opposition parties have given a clear indication that now they are not going to bow down and are fully prepared to clash with the government. In such a situation, the future direction of the government will also be decided on how the government deals with the aggressive opposition.

Apart from this, the government has to take a decision on the census in the next few days. Census data was not released in 2021. The central government has indicated that its notification may be issued in October. But there is already pressure from the opposition to add caste census to it. On top of that, JDU and TDP are such parties which are already in favor of caste census as allies. In Bihar, Nitish Kumar has already conducted caste census at the state level. In such a situation, it will not be so easy to ignore the pressure of the opposition.

Apart from governance and administration, the entire script is ready for a fierce battle on the political pitch in 2024. The assembly elections to be held in Maharashtra, Haryana, Jharkhand and Jammu and Kashmir in the next few days have now become very important. Experts believe that this time these elections will be a decisive moment for the credibility of the central government and the BJP. If the BJP performs better in these elections, it will not only regain its lost shine, but will also attract those parties which are currently trying to show a neutral stance. The proximity of leaders of other parties to the BJP can be seen again, which will strengthen it. Along with this, it will retain control over the states, which will also get the support of political mandate for big decisions. But if the opposite happens, then the road ahead will become very difficult for the BJP and the central government. This is where the real form of pressure from the allies can also come to the fore.

Allies are trying to dominate
Not only this, the adverse results can affect the internal structure of the BJP and factionalism can come to the fore. This is the reason why the BJP is taking this election on a do or die basis. To deal with the strong opposition in Maharashtra, the NDA government led by Eknath Shinde started the Ladli scheme of Madhya Pradesh in which the government gives assistance of Rs 1500 every month to women. It was implemented with immediate effect in a hurry. Similarly, the BJP is also putting all its strength in Haryana and Jharkhand. But the party knows that this election is not easy. In fact, in the election results that came on June 4, these were the states where the opposition performed better than expected. Also, there is no major election in 2025. Elections will be held only in Bihar where the BJP is already in government with the JDU. In such a situation, the JDU will try to dominate the BJP there at all costs.

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