Puffy roti can be made with just 10 rupees worth of powder, even a thin and light pan will not spoil the work

Ananya Shroff
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The month of June is about to end, but there is no relief from the heat. The scorching sun and heat have exhausted everyone. In such a situation, if you have to cook food in the kitchen, it becomes even more difficult, the kitchen remains the hottest and in the midst of all this, if the roti starts burning due to the pan being too light, then it is natural to get angry.

It is common for the pan to become thin and light due to continuous use, due to which the problem of burning roti occurs in every season. Therefore, we are telling you a great trick to avoid this problem. By using the powder, the rotis will not burn even on a light pan. Not only this, you will get fluffy and soft roti to eat.

Reasons for burning of bread

First of all you have to know why rotis burn on old tawa. Actually, most of the women use iron tawa. While cleaning the tawa gradually starts getting worn out. Due to this the layer of the tawa becomes thin and it becomes very light. In such a situation, when gas flame is applied, the tawa gets heated quickly and the rotis get burnt.

10 Rupees powder will work

If you are also facing the problem of roti burning on the pan, then try our best trick. For this, first of all place the pan on the gas to heat it. Now put a spoon of salt on the pan, then with the help of a cloth keep rotating the salt on the entire pan for some time.

How Salt Works

How Salt Works

Now you must be wondering what magic salt has done, so let us tell you that due to rubbing salt, a thin layer of salt is formed on the pan. Therefore, when you bake roti on this pan, it does not burn easily and does not become hard. At the same time, you have to keep in mind that washing the pan will eliminate the effect of salt. In such a situation, this process will have to be done again before making roti.

When to remove salt from the pan

When to remove salt from the pan

After putting salt on the pan, this whole process has to be done until the color of the salt changes completely. When it becomes brown, remove all the salt from the pan. Now clean the pan thoroughly with the help of a cloth, then you will see that there will be no problem of burning roti on the pan.

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