Pringle Crest 3Jar Mixer Grinder 500W Powerful Motor[ISI] Certified-304 Grade Stainless Steel Blade| 3 Stainless Steel Jars(1 Litres) Chutney Jar (0.7 & 0.25 Litres)3 Speed (3 Jars, Blue)

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Product Description


crest 3 jarcrest 3 jar


Pringle Crest 3 jar Mixer Grinder

Energy Efficiency: A 500-watt motor is sufficient for most domestic grinding tasks, ensuring energy efficiency while providing enough power for common kitchen needs.Cost-Effective Operation: Lower wattage typically means lower energy consumption, resulting in cost savings over time without compromising on performance for everyday grinding tasks.User-Friendly: With a moderate power rating, the mixer grinder is user-friendly and suitable for individuals who prefer a straightforward and easy-to-operate kitchen appliance.Air Circulation: The inclusion of air circulation helps in preventing the motor from overheating during prolonged use. This feature enhances the longevity of the mixer grinder and ensures consistent performance over time.Vacuum Feet: The vacuum feet provide stability and prevent the mixer grinder from slipping during operation. This feature enhances safety in the kitchen, preventing accidental spills or mishapStylish Design: The stylish paint adds an aesthetic touch to the kitchen, making the mixer grinder a visually appealing appliance. Versatility: A 500-watt mixer grinder is versatile enough to handle a variety of tasks, including blending, grinding, and mixing. This versatility makes it a valuable addition to any kitchen.


Leakproof Jars: The inclusion of three leakproof jars enhances the convenience and cleanliness of the cooking process. Leakproof jars prevent spillage, making the cleaning process easier and ensuring that ingredients are contained during operation.Safety: Many mixer grinders with leakproof jars come with safety features such as overload protection. This feature automatically shuts off the motor if the load is too heavy, preventing damage to the appliance.


Overload Protection: The inclusion of overload protection is a crucial safety feature. It prevents the motor from overheating or getting damaged due to excessive usage. When the motor is at risk of overload, the protection system automatically shuts it down temporarily, allowing it to cool before resuming operation.Enhanced Motor Lifespan: Overload protection not only prevents immediate damage but also contributes to the overall longevity of the motor. By avoiding overheating and stress, the motor is likely to have a longer lifespan, providing durability to the appliance.Safe Operation: Overload protection ensures safe operation by reducing the risk of accidents or motor burnout. It adds an extra layer of safety for users, especially during prolonged or heavy-duty usage.Consistent Performance: With overload protection in place, the mixer grinder can maintain consistent performance over time. Users can rely on the appliance for various kitchen tasks without worrying about motor fatigue or damage.Multi-Tasking Capability: A 500-watt mixer grinder is generally suitable for a variety of kitchen tasks, including grinding spices, making pastes, and blending liquids. It offers versatility while maintaining an optimal balance between power and efficiency.

POWERFUL MOTOR : 500W motor for best grinding experience even with tough ingredients like black whole gram (dal) for preparing tasty vadas and dosas; Power requirement: 230VAC, 50Hz
Specialized stainless steel blades helps you to cut even the toughest ingredients and gives the finest paste and purees for daily cooking of chutneys, dips, masalas and pastes; Power Cord: 1.5M
3 detachable stainless steel jars with polished blades for fine grinding (Wet & Dry Grinding Jar (0.25 & 0.7 Liters), Liquidizing & Blending Jar (1 Litres), and The jars are leak-proof for spill-free grinding experience; Jar Material: Stainless Steel ; Blade Material : 304 Grade Stainless Steel ; Body Material: ABS body
This product does not require installation. Safeguards your motor by automatically shutting it off in case of over heating.; Warranty – 1 year serviceable onsite warranty; Manufactured In: India
Ergonomic Design Pringle mixer grinder is aesthetically designed high grade plastic body and the jars are made with stainless steel that ensures durability while adding elegance to your kitchen
3 Speed With Pulse Operation The speed regulating knob is a smart feature which serves your purpose of adjusting varying speed limits. Now, you can take control over your kitchen by regulating the grinding or mixing process of your food items with the speed regulating option coming in handy

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