Prestige's Ceraglide ceramic cookware that will transform your kitchen and cooking experience

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Prestige's Ceraglide ceramic cookware that will transform your kitchen and cooking experience

Foodies are always trying to improve their cooking skills. Whether it is trying out old family recipes, learning kitchen secrets or finding new tips and techniques to improve their cooking skills, the urge to cook delicious food is never-ending. This desire to constantly learn makes cooking an art that keeps improving as you learn.

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Non-stick cookware has transformed the cooking experience in the kitchen. While new-age technologies allow the freedom to create new dishes, it is also important that the products also value health and durability. Prestige's new Ceraglide Ceramic Coated Cookware range is a great example of this change, offering a way to enhance the art of cooking in a new and modern way.

It is no secret that ceramic cookware has been changing the kitchen world lately. It also offers a variety of benefits in terms of creating delicious and perfectly cooked food. Its advanced construction with multiple layers of ceramic coating on a stainless steel or aluminium base makes this cookware perfect for the modern kitchen. Its non-stick layer also spreads the flame evenly and helps retain heat. This means you can cook healthy food with less oil. Prestige's CeraGlide Ceramic range leverages these benefits to bring new ceramic technology to your home. With a wide range of utensils like Saucepans with Glass Lids, Fry Pans, Kadhai, Omni Tawa, Casseroles with Glass Lids and more, this range is perfect for the modern kitchen.

Whether you are a working parent who cooks on weekdays or an amateur home cook who loves to experiment with new recipes, Ciraglide This cookware gives you excellent performance and also saves you time.

Let's find out how this innovative range is going to change the way you cook:

Cook at high temperature to get the perfect crispiness

Imagine, you crave restaurant-style tandoori chole tikkis. That too, so crispy and delicious that everyone will be delighted after eating them! With Ceraglide, you can go on this food adventure without any hesitation. Because you know that your cookware is perfect for the job.

Enjoy high flame cooking with Prestige's CeraGlide series! This non-stick coating is specially designed for delicious cooking. This new technology coating cooks food quickly even on high flame and guarantees that your food gets the perfect colour and crispiness every time. Being able to withstand high heat and spread heat evenly, it is also perfect for grilling and roasting. It not only retains the flavour and aroma of the food but also makes it mouth-watering. Whether you are making tikkas, chole tikkis, kebabs or fish fry, CeraGlide ensures that your food gets the colour, crispiness and flavour you want.

Choose health by using less oil

Say goodbye to the habit of using too much oil with the amazing coating of Prestige's Ceraglide ceramic cookware! This coating is non-toxic and does not contain any harmful chemicals like PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) and PFAS (perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances). Since it is completely chemical free, it does not leach into your food when you cook on it. Thus this range takes care of your health.

Its excellent ceramic non-stick coating spreads the heat evenly in the vessel, allowing you to roast, fry and grill food with ease. This will not only make your food delicious but also healthy.

durable and versatile design

Prestige's Seraglide Comes with durability and versatility, making it a must-have for every modern kitchen. Built with modern technology and innovative design, its ceramic coating easily adapts to every cooking method, making any of your food experiments a success.

Its extra hard coating sets new standards in terms of durability. Also, its robust structure and easy-to-clean surface make CeraGlide's superior ceramic coating long-lasting. It is also extremely easy to maintain.

It cooks quickly but there is no loss in taste

You can enjoy cooking by standing in your kitchen for hours only if the cookware in the kitchen is convenient. Prestige Ceraglide non stick cookware gives you the same experience as it helps in cooking food quickly. The advanced ceramic technology used in making this product distributes heat evenly throughout the vessel, which cooks food quickly and thoroughly. The ceramic coating also protects the vessel from stubborn stains. Whether you are making an omelette or a perfect crispy dosa, everything is prepared in less time and in a perfect manner. You can cook food faster in cookware made of advanced ceramic technology as compared to utensils made on old technology. The special thing is that there is no compromise on the taste of the food and it also takes less time.

This cookware works on both gas and induction

If you want to take your kitchen and cooking experience to new heights, then make Prestige Ceraglide Ceramic Cookware a part of your kitchen. Due to the ceramic coating, it works on both gas and induction. With its help, you can give a new look to your cooking, and make your favorite dishes without any hassle. Apart from making your cooking work easier, it also gives a modern look to your kitchen and adds to its beauty.

Now the hassle of stubborn stains on utensils is over

easy to clean

If you are troubled by stubborn stains on kitchen utensils, then understand that your problem has been solved. Now you will not have to work hard for hours to clean stubborn stains. Because the special ceramic coating of Prestige Ceraglide Ceramic Cookware ensures that burnt utensils are cleaned easily and in just a few minutes.

Not only this, its cool-touch handles give you extra safety while cooking on high flame. You can enjoy your cooking by holding the handle comfortably. For people whose hands often get burnt or slip while lifting a hot pan, nothing can be better than this product.

Overall, the Prestige Ceraglide ceramic cookware is a hit on all parameters, be it in terms of design or usage. The great features of the product help make your kitchen experience easy and enjoyable. With this, you can finally say goodbye to years of problems associated with kitchen utensils and improve your cooking skills according to modern times.

Prestige Ceraglide Ceramic Cookware

It would not be wrong to say that Prestige Ceraglide Ceramic Cookware It transforms the cooking experience with its features and gives the kitchen a new look. With its advanced ceramic technology, it cooks food quickly without burning it, ensuring that you do not face any hassle. This feature allows you to spend more time in the kitchen with your loved ones and prepare a variety of dishes in less time. With features like its compatibility with gas and induction stoves, stain-resistant layer, and cool-touch handle, it is a must-have product for every kitchen in the country.

If Prestige's powerful products are still away from your kitchen, take advantage of the Prestige Anything for Anything exchange campaign, available at Prestige Exclusive and leading retail stores till June 30, where you can exchange your old kitchen accessories and appliances of any brand, and bring home the latest Prestige innovations.

Cookware will transform your kitchen

You can add appliances to your kitchen from the Svacch range of pressure cookers with spillage control to non-stick cookware, multipurpose grinders, induction cooktops and many more. This is a golden opportunity to enhance your cooking experience with Prestige products that you should not miss. For more information, visit our website Click here Do it.

Disclaimer: This article has been produced by Times Internet's Spotlight team on behalf of Prestige.

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