Pressure is mounting on Rahul Gandhi to become the leader of the opposition, will Priyanka take up the electoral role?

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Pressure is mounting on Rahul Gandhi to become the leader of the opposition, will Priyanka take up the electoral role?

New Delhi: These days, the demand is rising rapidly within the Congress that former Congress President Rahul Gandhi should play the role of Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha. In fact, despite being the largest opposition party, the Congress could not even get 10 percent seats in the last two Lok Sabhas, due to which it did not get the status of Leader of Opposition. This time the party has got 99 seats. After this, Congress has a claim for the post of Leader of Opposition. There is a consensus within the Congress that Rahul Gandhi should become the Leader of Opposition. Recently, from the Congress Working Committee meeting to the Congress Parliamentary Party meeting, all the leaders including Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge unanimously placed their demand in front of Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi has asked for some time to think over this demand. The party has left the decision regarding the post of Leader of Opposition completely to Rahul Gandhi. However, there is a belief within the party regarding Rahul Gandhi becoming the Leader of Opposition that now the time has come for Rahul Gandhi to come forward and lead the party. A senior party leader said that the way Rahul Gandhi led the party during the Quit India Yatra, the party wants him to lead the party in the same way in the Lok Sabha. The party believes that Rahul Gandhi is the first choice for the leader of the opposition and this is a great opportunity for him to come into the leadership role.

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What is going on inside the party?

Another party leader said that there is a strong opinion within the party that Rahul Gandhi should become the leader of the opposition and raise public issues in the House like his father and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and mother Sonia Gandhi. He said that just as he raised ground issues related to the common man with full force from Bharat Jodo Yatra to the current elections, in the same way he should now become the voice of the common man in the House.

This discussion is about Rahul

The source said that the India tours have made Rahul Gandhi an undisputed mass leader, whose strength is being acknowledged by the allies as well as the ruling party and the country, but after becoming the leader of the opposition, the thinking of those people will also change, who somewhere still feel uncomfortable about Rahul Gandhi. However, amidst such discussions about Rahul Gandhi, the media is trying to corner him by presenting an account of Rahul Gandhi's parliamentary work. It is worth noting that the first parliamentary session of the 18th Lok Sabha is going to start from June 24. It is believed that the picture may become clear regarding this issue in the next few days. If Rahul does not accept this role, then leaders like Manish Tiwari, Gaurav Gogoi within the party can be contenders for this post.

Rahul in dilemma between Amethi and Rae Bareli

In the recent elections, Rahul Gandhi has won from his family's traditional seat Rae Bareli in Uttar Pradesh as well as Wayanad in Kerala. In the coming days, he will have to leave one of these two seats. However, Rahul Gandhi has not yet clarified which seat he will leave. Recently, in his thanksgiving rallies in Rae Bareli and Wayanad, he mentioned his dilemma about both the seats in front of the people. Rahul Gandhi said that whatever decision he takes, he will take the voters there into confidence.

Will Rahul leave Rae Bareli seat?

It is believed that Rahul Gandhi can leave the Wayanad seat while keeping Rae Bareli with himself. The logic within the party regarding Rae Bareli is that the Gandhi family has had a continuous relationship with Rae Bareli for the last 70 years and with Amethi for the last four and a half decades. If Rahul leaves this seat, then somewhere or the other the decades-old relationship of the Gandhi family will end. On the other hand, there is also an argument that after the year 2009, Congress has performed so well in UP. In 2009, Congress had got 21 seats, whereas the Congress, which had won two and one seat respectively in UP in the last two times, has won six seats this time. Congress, which is struggling to increase its support base in UP, would not want to disappoint the people of UP by leaving Rae Bareli.

Will Priyanka contest from Wayanad?

There is a discussion about Wayanad that if Rahul leaves this seat, then Priyanka Gandhi can contest elections from here. The logic behind this is that a good way to remove the resentment among the local people due to Rahul leaving Wayanad would be to field a member of the Gandhi family from there. It is said that this suggestion has come from the Kerala unit of Congress. However, Priyanka's decision to enter electoral politics depends entirely on the Gandhi family.

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