Prabhas lifts the curtain from Bujji Ki Raj, releases new teaser of the film in Hyderabad

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Fans were disappointed with the postponement of the release date of Nag Ashwin's most awaited film 'Kalki 2898 AD'. At the same time, the makers were coming up with new teasers to bring a smile on their faces and increase their enthusiasm about the film. Once again he is present among the audience with a big update related to the film. A new teaser of this film to be released on June 27 was launched, for which a big event was also organized. A grand celebration of Kalki 2898 AD was organized at Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad. In which Prabhas has introduced people to a new character related to this film. He entered the program with a unique vehicle, inside which Bujji – a small robot or AI device is installed and named Bujji. He drives this custom made car on the ground for two-three rounds and then comes out of it.

New teaser of Prabhas's movie

During this, Prabhas was seen in the getup of the film's character Bhairav. It is shown in the teaser that there is an AI device, which is Bhairav's friend and companion. Bujji's brain is a device that sometimes follows the actor's orders and sometimes not. At the beginning of the teaser, she tells Bhairav ​​that this mission is not only difficult but impossible. If we get one million units and go to Complex, we will get a reward of 0.18%. Prabhas calls him Bujji-Bujji and asks him to remain calm.

Bhairav ​​​​and Bujji are on a mission

Just then Prabhas sits in the car and asks Bujji to increase the speed. But Bujji says that this is the maximum speed. Then Bujji asked Bhairav ​​not to join this mission, then Bhairav ​​appealed to him to remain positive for one day. She also asks to return from the mission. But Prabhas is not ready and refuses to do so. At last Prabhas says love you Bujji and Bujji says- Okay.

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