Pope got a chance to meet God… Commenting on PM Modi and Pope Francis proved costly, Congress apologized

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: The Kerala Congress has apologised for a photo shared by its state unit that showed Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pope Francis at the G7 summit. However, the party also said that it has no hesitation in targeting PM Modi. The apology came after the BJP objected to the post and accused the Congress of insulting the Christian community. The post had a photo of the meeting and the caption read, “Finally, the Pope got a chance to meet God”, a reference to a recent statement made by the Prime Minister.

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Kerala BJP president raised the question
BJP's Kerala unit chief K Surendran condemned the post and accused the Congress of comparing Prime Minister Modi with Lord Jesus Christ. He called it unacceptable and an insult to Christians who hold Jesus Christ in high esteem. “In this tweet by Congress, Prime Minister Modi has been compared with Lord Jesus Christ. This is totally inappropriate and an insult to the Christian community who hold Jesus Christ in high esteem. It is shameful that the Congress has stooped to this level,” Surendran said in a post.

Kharge and Rahul Gandhi were also targeted
He further said, 'Congress Kerala's X handle, which is run by radical Islamists or urban Naxals, keeps posting derogatory and insulting content against national leaders. Now, it has stooped to mocking the revered Pope and the Christian community. It is certain that Kerala AICC general secretary KC Venugopal knows about this. The question is, are Rahul Gandhi and Mallikarjun Kharge also in support of this?'

Congress gave clarification after the incident
After this incident, Kerala Congress clarified that insulting any religion is not part of their tradition. They reiterated their commitment to unite all religions and faiths and promote a friendly atmosphere among the people.

In a post on Twitter, the Kerala Congress said, “No Congress worker can even remotely think of insulting the Pope, who is considered God by Christians across the world. However, the Congress has no qualms in mocking Narendra Modi, who insults the believers of this country by calling himself God.”

Congress apologized unconditionallyIt said, “This way people will understand the communal mindset of Surendran and Modi's companions in portraying Narendra Modi's shameless political game as an insult to the Pope. Surendran and his companions are trying to defame Christians as a group of people who have no self-respect and spread communal venom whenever they can.” The Congress said that if the sentiments of Christians have been hurt by this post, we unconditionally apologize for it.

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