PM Narendra Modi praised Rahul Dravid a lot, said- the success of Indian cricket…

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New Delhi. Team India won the trophy for the second time in a very thrilling match against South Africa. Last time, Indian team coach Rahul Dravid missed out on winning it. Rohit Sharma's team, which was eliminated in the semi-finals after losing to England, won the title this time. The team managed to create history under Dravid's coaching. Rahul Dravid's tenure is now over. PM Narendra Modi has also praised him.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted from his Twitter account, “Rahul Dravid's remarkable coaching journey has shaped the success of Indian cricket. His unwavering passion, strategic insight and nurturing of the right talent has transformed the team. India is grateful to him for his contribution and for inspiring generations. We were delighted to see him lift the World Cup. Happy to congratulate him.”

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