PM Modi's target is only Congress, understand the inside story

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: The first session of the 18th Lok Sabha has concluded. The impact of the Lok Sabha election results was clearly visible in this Parliament session. This was evident from the oath taking ceremony of the MPs to the reply of the Prime Minister in the House on the last day. The Congress and other parties of the All India Alliance showed complete unity inside and outside the House. Rahul Gandhi, who was handling the responsibility of the Leader of Opposition for the first time, also showed aggressive attitude in the Lok Sabha. Amidst all this, PM Modi, in his own style, did not leave any opportunity to blunt the edge of the opposition, especially the Congress, first in the Lok Sabha and then in the Rajya Sabha. Amidst all this, one special thing was that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi Congress was the main target.

Prime Minister Modi warned Congress allies
Speaking in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday, July 2, Narendra Modi said that the main opposition party Congress will now be known as a parasite party. It thrives at the expense of its allies. Congress will be known as the Parasitic Congress Party from 2024. A parasite is one who eats the body in which it lives. PM Modi said that the Congress also eats the votes of the party with which it forms an alliance. It thrives at the expense of its allies. Wherever there was a direct contest between the BJP and the Congress or the Congress was the bigger party, the strike rate of the Congress has been only 26 per cent. But where they walked holding someone's pallu, where they were junior allies, where another party gave them some opportunity, the strike rate of the Congress in such states is 50 per cent. Referring to the allies of the Congress in the Bharat Alliance, he said that most of the 99 seats that the Congress has won in this election have been won by its allies, so it is a parasitic Congress.

'Deliberate steps taken to spread chaos'
Attacking the Congress, PM Modi said that the party leaders speak against the North in South India and then go to the North and spew venom against the West, they speak against great men and have made every effort to divide the country on the basis of language. The Prime Minister said that the Congress has committed the sin of giving election tickets to those leaders who advocated separating parts of the country from India. The Congress party is openly spreading rumors to pit one caste against another caste. Modi alleged that the Congress is deliberately taking steps to spread economic anarchy in the country. The things that were said during the elections. The kind of steps they (Congress) are taking in the states ruled by them is the path leading to economic anarchy. This game is being played deliberately to make their states an economic burden on the country.

Which election will protect the Constitution?

Speaking in the Rajya Sabha after the Lok Sabha on Wednesday, PM Modi made a special mention of the Emergency. Describing the 1977 general election after the Emergency as the world's biggest election held to protect the Constitution, he said on Wednesday that if the recent Lok Sabha election was also an election to protect the Constitution, then the countrymen considered the BJP worthy of it. Recalling the Emergency, he said that during that time the Constitution was violated, democracy was torn to shreds. Describing the Congress as the biggest opposition party to the Constitution, the Prime Minister said that opposing the Constitution is the only thing on its mind. He said that the opposition party called the 2024 Lok Sabha election the first election in the history of the country whose issue was the protection of the Constitution. He asked whether you will still continue this fake discussion? Have you forgotten the 1977 elections? Newspapers were closed, radio was shut down, even speaking was stopped. And the countrymen voted on only one issue. They voted for the restoration of democracy. There has been no bigger election in the whole world to protect the Constitution.

Is there any connection between these things?
Apart from these things, PM Modi also targeted Rahul Gandhi fiercely. The opposition is led by the Congress party but PM Modi tried to raise questions in the minds of Congress's allies by talking about parasitic Congress. PM Modi responded to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's comment on Hindus. Along with this, PM Modi also attacked the way the Congress party was moving forward in Parliament on the issue of Constitution through emergency after the elections. The opposition's seats have increased in this election and despite forming the government, the opposition parties are calling it PM Modi's defeat. PM Modi also attacked that narrative by talking about a party's return to power for the third consecutive time after 60 years. After the formation of the government, PM Modi is facing the challenge of the opposition and to face this challenge, PM Modi's style also seems to have changed a bit.

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