PM Modi's speech: Childish intelligence, record of failure… PM Modi targeted Rahul without naming him

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: On the seventh day of the 18th Lok Sabha session, PM Modi fiercely attacked the opposition in the Lok Sabha. Targeting the Congress, he said that this time in the Lok Sabha elections, the Congress could not even cross the figure of 100 and has been trapped in the trap of 99. On this figure of 99, PM Modi narrated an anecdote in the Lok Sabha. He said that I remember an anecdote. A child was roaming around proudly with 99 marks and was showing everyone that look how many marks I have got. Even people used to praise him on hearing 99. Then when his teacher came, why are you distributing sweets, he has not got 99 out of 100, he has got 99 out of 543. Now who will explain to that child's intelligence that you have made a world record of failing.

'Congress has left even Sholay's aunt behind'

The statements of Congress leaders have surpassed even the film Sholay. You all must remember that aunty from the film Sholay. We have lost for the third time, but aunty it is true that we have lost for the third time, but aunty this is a moral victory. We have got 0 seats in 13 states. Aunty, we have got 0 seats in 13 states, but we are heroes. The party has been destroyed, aunty the party is still breathing. I would like to tell the people of Congress that do not suppress the mandate in the celebration of a fake victory. Do not suppress the mandate in the intoxication of a fake victory. Try to understand the mandate of the countrymen honestly and accept it.

Congress vote share will decrease in Lok Sabha elections 2024

After this, PM Modi said that from 2024 onwards, the Congress party will be known as the Parasite Congress Party. A parasite is one who eats the body on which it lives. The Congress also eats the votes of the party with which it forms an alliance and flourishes at the expense of its ally. Therefore, the Congress has become the Parasite Congress. PM Modi further said that in 16 states where the Congress fought alone, its vote share has fallen in this election. In the three states of Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, MP, the Congress contested the elections on its own and won only two out of 64 seats.

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