PM Modi's frank talk on terrorism and war in Russia, understand how India hit two targets with one arrow

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: PM Modi is currently on a two-day visit to Russia. On his arrival in Moscow on Monday, he was warmly welcomed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. This is PM Modi's first visit to Russia after the Russia-Ukraine war. Many countries including America are keeping an eye on this visit of PM Modi. America has already made it clear that it is concerned about this visit of PM Modi and will keep an eye on PM Modi's comments during this visit. Today, PM Modi expressed concern over the terrorist attack in Russia at the 22nd India-Russia Annual Summit and appealed to end the Russia-Ukraine war through peaceful talks.

America's eye on this meeting of PM Modi

The tension between the two countries, America and Russia, is not hidden from anyone. In such a situation, America is not happy with this foreign tour of PM Modi. Immediately after the informal meeting between Russian President Putin and PM Modi, America expressed its concern to India. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Matthew Miller said in a press conference that he will look into the public comments of Prime Minister Modi about what he talked about with the Russian President. Apart from this, Matthew Miller said that as America has already made it clear that it is concerned about Russia's relations with India.

America might have been a little less worried

After this comment by Matthew Miller, when PM Modi spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin today, he also discussed the Russia-Ukraine war. PM Modi asked to adopt the path of peace and dialogue to end the war. PM Modi said that India is ready to cooperate in every way to restore peace. I assure you and the world community that India is in favor of peace. Yesterday, I have hope after listening to my friend Putin talking about peace. I would like to tell my media friends – it is possible that solutions and peace talks may not be successful amidst bombs, guns and bullets. We will have to adopt the path of peace through dialogue. This appeal for peace by PM Modi must have definitely reduced some of America's concerns.

PM Modi condemns terrorist attack in Russia

Along with the Russia-Ukraine war, PM Modi also condemned the terrorist incidents in Moscow. Talking about the pain of terrorist incidents in Moscow, PM Modi said that when terrorist incidents used to happen in Dagestan, I can imagine how deep the pain would be. I strongly condemn all forms of terrorism. Let us tell you that earlier PM Modi visited Russia in the year 2019. During that time he met the Russian President in the eastern port Vladivostok. After which after about five years, PM Modi has visited Russia in the year 2024. Let us tell you that this is PM Modi's first visit to Russia after becoming the Prime Minister for the third time.

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